There’s a new mermaid show coming to Freeform and it looks awesome

Mermaid lovers, we have some amazing news for you. Freeform (AKA the channel formerly known as ABC Family) just announced a new show that will be added to its lineup and we’re pretty sure it’s going to be our new obsession.

Why? Because it’s a dark, complex, live-action, hour-long drama about mermaids reclaiming their right to the ocean, that’s why.

Called The Deep, the show is set in a coastal town called Bristol Cove, which, according to legend, was once home to a large population of mermaids.

But don’t get it twisted: the mermaids in this show aren’t human-worshippers like Ariel.

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When they decide they want their home back, things take an intense turn, and a battle between man and mermaid breaks out.

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“The writing is thrilling, stories complex and scary, and we are excited to explore the themes of obsession and violence through these amazing creatures.”

Ummmm…count us in for ALL OF THIS.

Production on The Deep starts this September, and we’ll keep you updated on when the show will hit the airwaves.

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