These pictures from the Mermaid parade are magical

Everyone loves a parade, right? Well, if you want to make a regular parade even more magical, how about making it a mermaid parade? The 33rd Annual Mermaid Parade in Coney Island took place on Saturday, where fins, and fish, and conch shell bras were plentiful. Forget about being with regular people, I want to be with these amazing mermaids.

The parade is meant to be the beginning of the summer, so it always happens as close to the end of June as possible. Every year there’s also a King Neptune and Queen Mermaid to really get the land party started, and this year that honor fell on American Horror Story: Freak Show‘s Mat Fraser and his wife, Julie Atlas Muz. They lead a crowd of thousands up and down Coney Island’s… what’s the word? Oh, boardwalk, with all sorts of different mermaids of all shapes and sizes. There weren’t just mermaids, either, but octopuses (paging, Ursula), lobsters, crabs, boats, and simply sea motifs, too.

Basically, it was the happiest parade this weekend. It kind of resembles a Mardi Gras parade, since they both have the same spirit. But, I’m going to have to say The Mermaid Parade has a whole lot more glitter and sparkle. Also, MERMAIDS. The best.

Check out some of the pictures from the parade, so you can start getting inspiration for next year’s mermaid outfit. Are you going to stick to only sea-based things, or branch out onto land for inspiration?

These mermaids might not be flipping their fins, but they are certainly getting very far into our hearts.

Images via here, here, here, here, and here.