This mermaid-inspired swimsuit line is EVERYTHING

Mermaid wannabes can take mermaid exercise classes, sing The Little Mermaid soundtrack at the top of their lungs, or move to a town populated by sea-dwelling sirens. An easier way to become one of these oceanic goddesses is to dress like one in the water! Praise to Amphitrite (Greek goddess of the sea) there’s Margarita Mermaid — a brand that makes bikinis and one-pieces inspired by mermaids.

If you’ve already done your swimsuit shopping for the summer, perhaps there’s room to squeeze in one more? You’re going to need something for the next mermaid party, after all! Take a look at eight of our favorite Margarita Mermaid styles, below.

Selkie Seashell One Piece, $98


This shimmery turquoise full-piece suit is too stunning. Can we wear it out of the water? Get it here.

Serafina Nereid Top, $85 and Bottoms, $50


If you’re looking for a two-piece, this scaly metallic pink one is a good choice. Grab the top here and bottoms here.

Pearl Minx Nereid Top, $85 and Bottoms, $65


We LOVE this gold seashell bikini. Grab the top here and seashell thong here.

Dreamsicle Nereid Top, $60


This purple cloud print top is a literal DREAM. Available here.

Opal Nereid Top, $75 and Bottoms, $50


As pretty as a pearl. Grab it here. Don’t forget the bottoms!

Baby Ariel Nereid Top, $60


This Ariel-inspired top is sold out, but hopefully you can catch it during the next restock. Grab it here.

Eureka Seashells Top, $48


This mint top is the next best choice! Grab it here.

Onyx Seashell Nouvelle Top, $68 and Bottoms, $68


For the goth mermaid, OBVI. Get the top here and bottoms here.

Last but not least, you’re going to need a poolside purse!

Shell Clutch, $12.99


This shell clutch, available in four different colors, will carry everything a mermaid needs (seashell hair comb, salt water spray, etc.).

Check out Margarita Mermaid’s entire line, here.