This mermaid fitness class is our dream workout and it’s REAL

Generally, working out isn’t exactly fun. Like, the whole strong, badass feeling afterwards is great, but huffing and puffing on that elliptical isn’t the most glamorous of sensations. However, one fitness class is making working out magical by channeling all of our inner mermaids.

If you want to get fit and be a mermaid at the same time, head on over to San Diego and stay at the Hotel del Coronado, which offers a weekly, high-intensity mermaid workout called “Mermaid Fitness.” YAAAS.


So how exactly does mermaid fitness work? You leave your sneakers at home and wear a GLITTERY, GLAMOROUS MERMAID FIN IN THE POOL. YES, SERIOUSLY.

The hotel’s fitness instructor, Veronica Rohan, noticed that the mermaid tails, which are sold at $120 to $150 a pop in the hotel gift shop, were extremely popular. So she developed a class to allow us all to get our mermaid sweat on. “It’s circuit training mixed with an ab workout on the side of the pool,” Veronica told Well + Good. “You’ll swim laps to get your heart rate up, and I also included standing stationary movements, like squats and arm exercises with a beach ball.”


Mermaid fitness class is 45 minutes and takes place in the shallow end of the pool, so there’s no worries if you’re not exactly comfortable in a big wide ocean. While the class is only for adults, it’s for ladies *and* men. “We’ll be offering the class all summer, and we’re really looking forward to guests and locals being able to experience it,” Veronica told Well + Good.

If you’re interested in playing Ariel for the day, head on over for a mermaid fitness class that costs from $10-$20 (although the first class is free with the purchase of a tail, which let’s be honest — we ALL need.)