Mermaid crowns have dethroned flower crowns and we couldn’t be happier

Flower crowns have been one of our favorite fashion trends of the past couple years. Wearing whimsical wreaths of flowers on our heads and feeling like magical fairy princesses? COUNT US IN.

Basically the only thing that could possibly be better than feeling like a magical fairy princess would be feeling like a magical mermaid princess, right? Right.

Well, today we have some good news: the fashion gods heard our prayers. Mermaid crowns are now a thing.

In this case, we should actually be thanking a single fashion goddess, and her name is Chelsea Shiels, a florist from Melbourne who started making amaaaaaazing crowns out of seashells and jewels and sharing her creations on Instagram. Seriously, check these out:

It’s honestly tough to pick a favorite! And there are so many more gorgeous examples on Chelsea’s Instagram.

The only downside of this trend instantly catching fire is that of course Chelsea’s Etsy shop is totally sold out, and since each piece takes time to make (and understandably so, since they’re so intricate!), it might be awhile before we can get our hands on one of her creations.

In the meantime we might need to take a day trip to the beach for some shells and hit up the craft store for some hot glue and see if we can pull of a DIY version. We’re sure they’d be, like, 1% as awesome as Chelsea’s, but hey, any mermaid crown is better than no mermaid crown!

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