Alert: Mermaid churro ice cream exists, and we need to try it ASAP

Unicorn food may have come and gone, but it’s been replaced by mermaid food — like this mermaid churro ice cream.

It took no time for mermaid food to infiltrate the internet. Just look at mermaid toast and ombre mermaid cake. And our new favorite, mermaid churro ice cream. Yes: a dessert shop in Westminster, California called the Loop: Handcrafted Churros has concocted a dazzling mermaid creation, and we’re about to lose our dessert-lovin’ minds!

So what exactly is mermaid churro ice cream?

"Our mermaid themed churros made with blueberry glaze and mermaid sparkle crystal sugar and sparkle blue raspberry lemonade," writes the Loop on its Instagram.

Those churros are placed in soft serve ice cream with sugar and chocolate pearls and a CHOCOLATE MERMAID TAIL.

Just take a look. It’s beautiful.

Now, we have two questions: What is mermaid sparkle crystal sugar exactly? And how can we get ahold of a jar of it? Beause we’d most definitely sprinkle a little crystalline magic on everything if we could. First, a little to jazz up our morning toast. Then, a little in our afternoon tea. Finally, a little oomph for our tired hair-do. Okay: Scratch that last one. That might get messy.

You can also order the mermaid churro sans soft-serve. But who would want to?

Ooh, we’re digging the matching mermaid nails, though.

If that isn’t enough sparkly, magical goodness for you, the Loop is also launching Mermaid Sparkle Blue Raspberry Lemonade. Give the bottle a shake and a whirl!

Watch it sparkle like no other drinkable concoction you’ve ever beheld.

So, treat yourself to both! You might want to hurry, though. These special delights are here for a limited time. As in, they’re not a permanent menu item. So, run! We wouldn’t want you to miss out on this mystical culinary journey through the land — er, sea — of mermaid wonder.