Merle Dixon actually wrote a perfect ending for “The Walking Dead”

The Walking Dead has been on long enough that you can rest assured the fan community has written enough fanfiction to fill a small (or medium sized, or possibly large) library, and some of that fiction definitely includes some fan end-game theories. Maybe the best fan theory so far, though, came from Walking Dead actor Michael Rooker, who gave his series end idea to fans at a convention. It’s simple, succinct, compelling, and includes a ~twist~ that we almost wish he hadn’t come up with so it could’ve been the real ending.

When asked about how he envisioned the series ending, Michael Rooker, aka Merle Dixon, said:

"A railroad track...going on forever, into the setting sun. From behind camera, a single individual walks down the middle of the tracks...into the setting sun. Voiceover. You realize that that individual is Carl...all grown-up, a man of his own. No one else is with him — just him. And as he does his voiceover, you realize that everything, all the seasons that you've just seen is him reliving his past. So everyone on the show is dead. He's the only survivor, and he's on his own and walks off into the sunset. And that's the end of the show."

So, like, the producers of The Walking Dead are on the phone right now with Michael Rooker’s reps cutting a deal to get him to write some episodes, right? Because that’s the OBVIOUS response to this work of art.