We have our first look at Merida on ‘Once Upon a Time’

Once Upon A Time continues to cycle through our favorite princesses. We’ve seen Cinderella, Aurora, and Rapunzel all before, and last season dedicated a good chunk of time to a Frozen story with Anna and Elsa. The latest princess to join OUAT is Princess “If ya had the chance to change your fate, would ya?” Merida, and she’s bringing her bow and arrow along, too. We are PUMPED.

Merida’s appearance on OUAT was first teased at Comic-Con this past year, and a short little teaser-clip was revealed showing her in all her arrow slinging glory. At the D23 Expo this past weekend, her arrival on OUAT was teased again, and showrunner Edward Kitsis mentioned that they’re “very excited” for her to arrive, also noting that she’s the first Pixar character to show up in the OUAT world — which could mean more are on the way!

Her big arrival is still being kept under wraps, so it’s not clear if she’s hanging out in Storybrooke, or the Enchanted Forest, or even brand new OUAT location, Camelot. However she’s introduced, her arrival is being described as a “meet-cute,” and she’ll get to interact with a whole bunch of different characters this season. Hopefully one of them is Snow White, so the two princesses can go off and shoot a bunch of things with arrows (since both are skilled archers).

The D23 panel also revealed the first image of Merida, and she looks amazing. Played Amy Manson, she’s got the look — including the wild and curly red hair — down perfectly. And, the bow and arrow is right by her side. Take a look.

If you already can’t wait for the new OUAT season, the first scene of the premiere is already online, and it’s got us very worried for Emma Swan. Hopefully Merida’s “meet-cute” isn’t with this new Dark One.

(Images via Pixar and ABC.)