“Bachelor” fave Becca Tilley popped off on Twitter because Meredith Grey was on her flight, and girl, we get it

Meredith Grey is one of the most iconic and long-running TV characters ever. She’s the titular character on Grey’s Anatomy, Taylor Swift named her cat after her, and now we know that Bachelor fave Becca Tilly went into total fangirl mode because she saw Meredith Grey, erm Ellen Pompeo, on a flight recently.

Becca is one of the more successful Bachelor alums. You might remember her for opening up about being a virgin on Chris Soules’s season. She’s now a successful blogger and apparently, the hugest Ellen Pompeo fan.

On a flight from NY to LA, Tilley saw that Pompeo was on her flight and rightfully freaked out.

She started with a poll, asking people if it was worth the risk to go talk to her. She then tweeted directly at Pompeo to ask for a photo, because she was too excited/embarrassed to go it alone. Honestly, same.

Tilley’s in-flight freak out unfolded on Twitter and it was kind of fantastic to experience. Here it is in full:

So far, Pompeo has NOT responded.  We hope they took a photo together because Tilley was seriously putting herself out there.


Ironically, Pompeo’s character Meredith Grey does not have the best luck when it comes to flying and/or airplane-themed episodes of Grey’s. The Season 8 finale involved a giant plane crash that took the life of Grey’s sister. Then in Season 13, she was in another turbulent plane and ended up having to save a guy having a seizure! So really, if you’re a huge Grey’s fan, maybe you DON’T want Pompeo on your flight.

But still, we hope Tilley got her photo.