What the end of Mercury retroshade PLUS Friday’s Draconid meteor shower means for you

Dear anyone affected by Mercury retrograde –

Congratulations! You made it through the dark times and now you can celebrate! Mercury retrograde is officially over…

… oh wait, back up. No, it’s actually not. As of right now, Mercury is in retroshade: The two-week period before (or in our case, after) Mercury retrograde occurs “where the stars still mess with your life,” according to astrostyle.com.

But do not fear! Mercury retroshade ends tomorrow, Friday, October 7th! If that date rings a bell it’s because Friday is also when the Draconid meteor shower touches down on Earth. Fortunately, these two cosmic occurrences paired together will give you the positivity boost needed to stick it to Mercury retrograde/shade and to transform yourself into a power player for the rest of the fall season.


The reason we feel so off when Mercury (the planet that rules communication) “appears to travel backwards through the zodiac,” as The Old Farmer’s Almanac describes, is because the illusion of the planet traveling backwards is seemingly unnatural, thus affecting us natural beings on an emotional and communicative level.

Because Mercury retrograde causes static in our daily communication, our plans fall through, we are unable to commit, and decision-making becomes an utter chore.


It’s when Mercury enters into retroshade that we should think back on what we had troubles with during the retrograde, and take away some valuable lessons to make those troubles disappear. The second half of the retroshade should be your time of action. Prep your big decisions and act on them so you can reap the benefits when the retroshade is completely done, ya know, ruining your life.

Here’s where the Draconid meteor shower comes in.

Have you ever been told to “make a wish” when you see a shooting star? Well honey, it’s time to make the big one.

Ashley, founder of The Awakened Statesays, “Shooting Stars symbolize Good Luck,” and when you see one, it’s often a sign that, “A change or big event is coming towards your life, [or] it can also be a symbol of endings.” With the possibility of seeing tens or hundreds of the little fireballs tomorrow night, you’re definitely allowed to accept some of that good luck as your own.

Putting two and two together here, we can surmise that the end of the retroshade, plus the happening of the Draconid meteor shower, equals out to Friday being your day to make things happen in your life.


Throwing in the waxing moon phase will add positive energy to you welcoming in change rather than banishing, so keep that in mind. If you can’t place your finger on a single thing you want to make different, take Friday night to pamper yourself and feed yourself positive energy to celebrate the end of the mucked up planetary reverse.

Friday is your day to review, revive, and revamp life. Enter into new relationships, accept that job you’ve been hemming and hawing about, commit to something fun that is going to bring loving warmth into your life. Letting yourself feel an overwhelming sense of freedom is going to do wonders for you.

So take today and think about where you want to guide your life path come tomorrow. Absorb the good luck from the shooting stars tomorrow night and you are golden to finally have things go your way. Have fun, be safe, and enjoy your freedom from the retrograde!