This is how Mercury Retrograde will affect your zodiac sign

It’s Mercury Retrograde time: From July 26th to August 19th, the little planet that rules communication “appears” to be going backwards once again (“appears” because planets don’t really move backwards, they just look like they do from our vantage point), which means we can expect delays, confusion, and visits from former flames. But before you start to recite, “Hello darkness, my old friend,” it’s important to remember that Mercury Retrograde isn’t all bad news. So how will it affect your zodiac sign for the next three weeks?

Each sign will feel the effects of the retrograde differently. Collectively, we will all feel a little more argumentative and rash, and the breakdown of technology will wreck havoc in our lives (keep an eye out for your iPhones). During retrograde, it’s best to not take any sort of impulsive action, especially concerning long-term situations, like new jobs, relationships, and housing. But this is a great time to look at how you communicate and possible improvements you might be able to make, as well as finish old projects and resolve any unfinished business (yes, your ex might hit up your phone).


You will be revisiting an old project that you put on the shelf months ago, Aries. You’re finally in the right energy space to tackle it with gusto. Quiet your inner critic and push forward with your new creative impulse. Keep an eye on your innate rashness — you can’t click unsend on that angry text.


You’re feeling a little out of sorts when it comes to your relationships and finances, Taurus. What seemed like a “sure thing” might not feel so secure anymore, causing you to feel anxious about your future in these two areas. Avoid signing on the dotted line and re-examine past issues that keep popping up.


Because Mercury is your ruler, Gemini, you feel this transit much more than other signs. In fact, you might feel like your whole identity is on hold this time around. You’d like to express yourself in a certain way, but you’re questioning who you are and if you have what it takes. You do — once Mercury goes direct again.


You get very nostalgic during Mercury Retrograde, Cancer, and this one’s no different. Try to view your nostalgia through the lens of “everything happens for a reason, every person has a season” instead of trying to recreate the past. If an ex calls, remember why they’re an “ex” in the first place.


Don’t splurge, Leo. As much as you love a good shopping spree, Mercury Retrograde is not the time to spend major $$. In fact, be thrifty — not just with your hard-earned money, but with your time, too. Be aware of who you spend time with and why. If they don’t light you up, say bye.


Uncomfortable conversations about career and romance will come up, Virgo, so you must try your best to communicate your needs clearly and calmly. You are trying to find the right balance in both areas of your life but now isn’t the time to make moves. If you can, delay those talks until after August 19th.


Old relationship issues might come back to haunt you, Libra. If attached, circular patterns that you haven’t resolved with your partner will return. Now is the time to properly deal with them once and for all. If single, you might also deal with old relationship issues or even an ex. Learn what you can, and let it go.


You’re going to feel some disappointments with your squad, Scorpio. Planned occasions, including trips, might fall through. A text could be misinterpreted, resulting in a minor tiff. Your best bet is to take things with a grain of salt and refrain from saying something you might regret. Silence is golden.


You’ll be feeling extra anxious about romance and any creative endeavors, Sag. Maybe a relationship or project isn’t moving as fast as you’d like it to. You might also find yourself giving criticism with little tact, which will not go over well. When in doubt, slow your roll, rest, and review what’s happening rather than what’s not.


You might find yourself a part of some family drama, Cappy. During this transit, it’s important to remain as impartial as possible and not engage — no matter how much you might like to spill tea. Travel plans also might go awry, and your work schedule might feel scattered. Take a breath and remember: this too shall pass.


Be very clear with what you want, Aquarius, because you will experience some misunderstanding about your needs, especially from friends and family. If it doesn’t seem like you’re making headway, take a break and revisit after August 19th. Also, this would be a good time to make a budget because $$ doesn’t grow on trees.


Hold off on making any big decisions about your love life or career, Pisces. Remember — not everything that glitters is gold. Maybe something that you wanted isn’t exactly what you need. Although you might feel pressured to make a choice, stand your ground and wait until you feel more centered.

Although Mercury Retrograde’s energy is kind of wonky, bbs, this can be a powerful time for learning and accepting the truth of old situations, including relationships, as well as learning how to be patient, reflective, and how to laugh at yourself. Your plans might be canceled, you might put your foot in your mouth — but remember, not everything is permanent. Including planetary retrogrades.