This is how March’s Mercury Retrograde will impact your zodiac sign

No matter how you slice it, Mercury Retrograde is terrible for just about everyone. However, this three-week-long cosmic bump will affect you differently depending on your zodiac sign.

Mercury goes backwards on March 22nd, which leaves you a small window to enjoy the calm before the storm. Because, as most of us know by now, Mercury Retrograde means breakdowns in communication and technology, and basically overall awfulness until it ends on April 15th. Just how will this planetary pain-in-the-neck impact your life? We break it down by zodiac sign.


Mercury is retrograde in your sign right now, which means Aries — and those with lots of Aries in their charts — will be most affected by its power (sorry!). Projects will be delayed and you’ll also feel misunderstood. Yet, things won’t spiral if you watch your ram-headed temper, and your tendency to overthink and overanalyze situations.


Anything on paper has the potential to fall apart. Contracts, agreements, and documents of any sort run the risk of being either delayed or misinterpreted. Even personal things, like texts and tweets, could create some drama. Try to be as clear and concise as possible to avoid or lessen conflict.


You’ll find that any big goals that you were planning will have to be put on the backburner at this time. It’s normal to feel frustrated, but try not to freak out. If anything, take this time to chill out and enjoy your free time with friends and fam.


You’re a super emotional person anyway, so be prepared to be extra emosh. You’ll probably be moodier than a mood ring, so if you can take a moment to breathe and do a quick meditation, you’ll feel worlds better. If your negative vibes linger, Netflix and chill by yourself.


You’re feeling all sorts of impatient with this cycle. Your highest aspirations and ideas are being put to the test, and you’re likely fighting with bae more than usual. You might also want to soothe your troubles with delicious snacks. Indulging yourself is okay, but dealing with your feelings head-on is best.


Mercury is your home planet, so its effects hit you hard each time. Don’t be surprised if you butt heads with those around you, including everyone from your co-workers to friends and family. You hate conflict, so you’ll be feeling super stressed. Make sure to take some time to be alone and recharge.


You’ll be dealing with issues surrounding partnerships of all kinds, platonic or romantic, or both. You might be overly sensitive to a new love interest’s opinions or super judgey yourself. Your best bet is to take all new connections slowly and give yourself (and others) tons of space.


A major secret, or two, could be revealed that will cause some drama in your life. Refrain from gossip and be as honest as possible at this time. You might also find yourself getting hot and heavy with new love interests. However, don’t be surprised if the spark doesn’t last past Mercury Retrograde.


You might be dealing with some delays when it comes to your work or education. Maybe an internship placement is late coming through or you’re waiting forever to hear back from a job interview. Don’t let your frustration get the best of you. Patience is important now more than ever.


You’re going way deep during Mercury Retrograde. Expect to get super introspective and don’t freak out if your ambitious nature takes a backseat during this period. Now is the time to wait things out — not for action. You might also be scatterbrained, which is not normal for you. Take a deep breath, it’ll be okay.


You’re feeling extra rebellious more than usual, which could land you in some trouble if you’re not careful. Conflicts could arise from delicate convos, including everything from politics to discussions with your roomie about the dishes. Try not to say what exactly is on your mind, ‘k?


You’re dealing with a lot of emotional confusion right now. An issue that might have been resolved could rear its ugly head again, causing you to question yourself. As hard as it is for you, try to lead with your head and not your heart for the next three weeks. Procrastination will also be a major issue for you. Take things one step at a time.

Mercury Retrograde can be super annoying, but knowing what’s coming is half the battle. If we have an idea of what we’re up against, then we can try to weather the next three weeks as best we can. We got this.