Like it or not, Mercury Retrograde is coming, and this is how it will affect your zodiac sign

Just when we thought we could breathe a sigh of relief with Venus Retrograde’s end on November 16th, the cosmos have the last laugh—Mercury goes retrograde on the same day. That’s right. The little planet that rules communication and technology is going retrograde for the third and last time in 2018, lasting until December 6th. This time around, Mercury goes retrograde in fiery and calls-it-like-they-see-it Sagittarius, which means our communication could become way more heated and, shall we say, blunt over these next three weeks. Take heed of irrational outbursts, impulsive tongue-lashings, and a lot of foot-in-mouth situations. Yep, things are gonna get intense.

Additionally, since Mercury rules technology, you could encounter issues and complications with everything from your computer to your smartphones. Ensure that you’re backing up any important data, work, or projects during this time, because if anything’s going to be accidentally deleted or wind up in the inauspicious “cloud,” it’ll be now. Transportation will also be a bust. Yes, expect delays en route to Thanksgiving dinner. At least you can be prepared and bring a good book and snacks.

Here’s what else the stars have in store for you during Mercury Retrograde.


You’re impulsive, stubborn, and hot-headed, Aries. If you want to do something, you want to do when you want to do it. But during Mercury Retrograde, you’re being asked to slow your roll. Patience is your key word. And if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.


You’re a tough nut to crack sometimes, Taurus. You’re an observer with passionate views, but you second-guess yourself a lot. Which means your neutrality causes you to remain silent when your opinion is actually needed. Sag’s fiery nature could help you break open and free you from your inner critic. Say it loud and say it proud.


Mercury is your ruler, Gemini, so you’re bound to feel its effects more so than other signs. Your world is going to feel a little off as you try to chase a momentum that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. You might feel like you’re running on a hamster wheel. Try to find an alternate route; you might actually prefer where you end up.


You’re a sensitive soul, Cancer. When something knocks you off your equilibrium, you feel it—hard. While it’s easy to retreat into your shell, you might also want to take this time to see the circumstances around you from a different perspective. Can you see these mishaps and delays as opportunities that are working for you rather than against you?


You prefer life to work out smoothly, Leo, because you like to always seem your best. But Mercury Retrograde means there are more chances for things to not work out, like hurried emails or computer crashes or presentations going awry. Take these next few weeks as a good opportunity for levity. Laugh at yourself and relax. It’ll be okay.


You like your world to be organized, Virgo. But your ruler, Mercury, is about to blow a gust of wind into your life when it goes retrograde, knocking everything down like a house of cards. If you can’t depend on structure and discipline, then what? Thankfully, you’re a mutable sign, which means you are adaptable and able to go with the flow. Remember that.


You prefer your relationships and communication to be balanced and harmonious, Libra. However, Mercury in retrograde is about to cause breaks in connections, both with the people in your life and with the messages you send out. Now is the perfect chance to remain level-headed and balanced within, even if the world outside is anything but.


You’re not one to sugarcoat anything anyway, Scorpio. So Mercury Retrograde in salty Sagittarius is basically giving you a free pass to voice your displeasure—and the disruptions these next three weeks will bring is definitely going to bring you displeasure. Your lesson? Think before you speak.


Mercury Retrograde is happening in your sign, Sag, which means you’ll be feeling it on many levels. You love your freedom, but these next three weeks will cause you to put the brakes on much-desired adventures and expansive projects. See these delays as opportunities for something bigger. And watch for foot-in-mouth disease.


You’ll find that the latest master plan of yours is coming to a screeching halt, Capricorn. Instead of getting worked up about it, try to see it as a chance for you to rework it. Or maybe put it aside for now. While you want to take charge of every situation, Mercury Retrograde has other plans. Try relaxing. It’ll help. Promise.


Your obsession with technology is about to get mighty frustrating, Aquarius. Make sure to backup photos, projects, and anything else that has the potential to disappear during this time. Also, while your heart is in the right place when it comes to helping others, understand that people are persnickety right now. Let people make their own choices.


You’ll be second-guessing your intuition during this period, Pisces. Your gut instinct is usually hella strong, but Mercury Retrograde will make you question if you can trust yourself after all. People’s intense energy will also throw you off, which is why you’ll need extra time to recharge your batteries. Finding a creative outlet to help you reconnect with yourself is also a good idea.

The next three weeks have the potential to be disorienting and frustrating, bbs, but retrogrades are opportunities to help us see that confusion leads to clarity, that delays can be paramount to our growth, and that patience really is a virtue.