Now that Mercury Retrograde is *actually* over, here’s what that means for us earthlings

During the week of September 22nd, many rejoiced, looked to the sky, and screamed, “Mercury Retrograde is finally over! Finally!” Now, while we love a good celebration session and all, we have to admit that were weren’t exactly jumping for joy during that time.

That’s because – brace yourselves – Mercury Retrograde wasn’t actually over.


"The biggest misconception about Mercury Retrograde concerns the pre-shadow and post-shadow periods, which many astrologers leave out," impeccable astrologer Jessica Adams told HelloGiggles. "As you just saw with the news about one of the biggest hacks in internet history (which happened as the post-shadow began), the drama often comes at the end."

Yes, the retrograde period may have ended on September 22nd, but that totally excluded the fact that Mercury’s shadow was still thriving. According to Adams, Mercury Retrograde begins and ends with a shadow. For instance, during this particular cycle, the first shadow started on August 10th and the final shadow will bring it all to a close on October 7th.

We know, this may be shocking – but it also makes a lot of sense. That’s because, according to Adams, the planet Mercury rules communication. So, when it seems to move backwards, that can cause some communication-based chaos. Specifically, in modern times, it can easily affect computers and telephones.


Fortunately, this will all end today once Mercury’s shadow dissipates. What this means for us mere mortals is that there will be a sense of completion in our lives.

"You will have a complete ending to one story in your life that has gone backwards and/or forwards since August 10th, with no more changes or delays," Adams tells us. "A typical example would be ordering a new phone in August, asking for a refund in September, and finally seeing that arrive in October. Another example might be your friend taking a job in August, but not having her title confirmed until October."

In other words: This is some pretty great news. Especially since it means that, once this period is over, it’s going to be the perfect time to organize your life, get everything in place, and sign on the dotted line. Adams, in fact, recommends that you work to get everything in writing, so you are surrounding yourself with finality as you enter this new stage.


Ultimately, Adams explains that Mercury Retrograde provides us all with the perfect time to review all that’s before us and to prepare accordingly.

"It suits anything with 're' in front of it very well, so if you wanted to work on the first draft of a novel or begin rehearsal for a play, it's ideal," Adams concludes. "It's not so helpful for new phone or computer purchases or signed paperwork, so read the small print at this time."

Now, let’s show Mercury what we’re made of.

You can learn more about the extraordinary Jessica Adams here. On her website, you can also read her horoscopes, peruse her astrology blog, and even purchase one of her books.