These are all the things that could go wrong during Mercury Retrograde this month, just so you know

Hate to break it to you, but Mercury Retrograde is baaaaaack this month. Yes, the little planet of communication is going backwards on March 22nd and will stay there until April 15th.

So what does this mean for your life? Well, things usually have a way of being a little wonky during Mercury Retrograde. Because Mercury primarily rules all types of communication and technology, you generally will find some — or a lot — of resistance within those realms. Look for miscommunication on a basic level with family or friends, either through texting or talking. On a public scale, you might find yourself going crazy over mishaps with public transportation, travel, or anything to do with computers or machines.

Here are some other things (like everything) that could go off the rails during Mercury Retrograde.

New projects

The general rule is: Don’t start anything new during Mercury Retrograde. Finish up any projects — Mercury Retrograde is a great time to revise and edit any types of writing, especially — but beginning anything completely fresh will only lead to major frustration.

This also goes for new jobs, new relationships, and basically anything new that you are undertaking. It’s best to wait until Mercury Retrograde is over — then regroup and proceed. In the meantime, polish your resume and take things slow with your new sweetie.

Your relationships

Communication with your loved ones gets confusing and frustrating AF. You might not ever argue with your partner except during Mercury Retrograde (make a record of it and check for yourself). You and your roommate could butt heads. Things will get misconstrued with something as simple as an emoji between you and your bestie.

Every technology-based thing your own

Your car engine won’t start. Your iPhone will get super weird and delete your photos. Your computer will get a bug. You name it, and it probably will (but hopefully not) happen during Mercury Retrograde. And let’s not forget to mention that every technological thing you rely on — Uber, Postmates, your automatic paycheck deposit (!) — will probably not work, or at least not very well.

Big-purchase items

Hold off on buying that new car or computer or even a new home during Mercury Retrograde. Anything related to technology will more than likely have a glitch (ugh), which is super frustrating, especially when you’re buying something new. Additionally, during this time, you probably will pay more than you should for big items. So, if you can hold off, do some comparison shopping instead and wait to purchase after Mercury Retrograde.

The most important thing to remember about Mercury Retrograde: don’t stop living your life. Anticipate delays, and then let it go. Because it’s only as bad as you make it out to be. Mercury Retrograde is often an awesome time to reassess where we’re at and helps us to go with the flow of our situations. The more you resist, the more awful it’ll be. Take this moment to pause and reflect — and let bae win this round.