This is what you should have learned during Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde ends on March 28th, and can I get an amen? It’s been a journey. Typically, when Mercury, which rules communication and technology, goes retrograde, we feel it in those areas the most. Maybe your phone got smashed (me), or maybe you got into a text fight with your loved ones (also me), or had some travel hiccups (…also me). Fun! On top of all that, this retrograde occurred in the dreamy and dramatic sign of Pisces, meaning we had many lows and highs as we shifted and sorted through a foggy time that tested our patience and played with our emotions. In short, this Mercury Retrograde was a toughie. But it wasn’t all bad. Really.

Because here’s the thing about retrogrades: they do serve as an important reminder to take it easy. Retrogrades help us become more aware of the need to slow down our inner and outer processing and view our lives from a different perspective. While taking a time out is often viewed as indulgent, when we allow ourselves to recuperate and let go of the reins a bit, our ability to handle our relationships, jobs, and communications improve. Often post-retrograde, we’ll feel clearer and more energetic than before.

Because this retrograde took place in Pisces, we were tested in new and more expansive ways on a spiritual and emotional level. Mix-ups with loved ones caused us to be more compassionate and empathetic. Since our communication was on the fritz, we were forced to navigate our relationships using the Fish’s innate language: vibes. We turned to our intuition to guide us through the darkness, which encouraged us to open our third eye, trust our gut, and lean on faith. Not easy to do. But in the end, it was totally worth it.

As a result of all of this, our lives, our relationships, and our creativity were elevated. They deepened. When things didn’t work out the way we initially intended, we were left to forge a new path that prompted us to dig deep and allocate resources to ideas that we didn’t even know we had. Thanks to the creative genius that is Pisces, we probably found ourselves coming up with all sorts of brilliant innovations and solutions that surprised us. Be honest: you had a few Oprah “aha” moments, even in the thick of Mercury Retrograde. And thanks to the Fish’s uncanny sixth sense, we realized that we have a powerful tool when it comes to bringing clarity and ease to our lives in the midst of chaos: our intuition.

These last few weeks were trying, at best. As Mercury Retrograde ends, we can find peace knowing that our communications will run smoother, our trains will arrive (mostly) on time, and our computers probably won’t lose important documents. But thanks to Mercury going retrograde in Pisces, we can also move forward with the knowledge that we have way more patience and love at our disposal than we ever thought we did. Not to mention we have our own personal GPS, a powerful gut instinct on which we can depend through thick and thin.

May the force be with you, bbs.

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