Do you know where your external hard drive is? Because Mercury Retrograde will impact your technology

If there’s one song that should be the anthem during Mercury Retrograde, it’s Gwen Stefani’s “Crash.” Mercury Retrograde, which lasts from December 3rd to 23rd, is when the planet seems to be spinning backward. Mercury specifically rules over communication, travel, and technology, so all of these things can go crazy — technology being a big one. If you were wondering how Mercury Retrograde affects technology, then simply look to Gwen’s song! Phones die suddenly, computer files are lost, and hard drives go berserk. Technology goes haywire during Mercury Retrograde, and we’re left stressed and confused, because how could our phone suddenly stall before a presentation? How could our computer randomly crash right before finals? Well, as Gwen says,

"Back it up, back it up! You got it, you got it."

Taking precautions during Mercury Retrograde is vital. Back up your technology regularly, save consistently, and invest in an external hard drive or USB. Making an effort to prevent anything bad from happening is the key to surviving this season of technological wonkiness. If your technology is moving slower than usual, make sure everything is up-to-date (and have some extra patience). Then, of course, back it up again! The Astrotwins explain this further on Astrostyle, saying,

"Mercury Retrograde can crash electronic equipment. Back up your computer, calendar, and cell phone address book. Expect delays if traveling, and pack a book to entertain yourself while you wait for the tardy bus or plane. Get in touch with old friends – and don’t be surprised if people from your past track you down. You might hear from the most RANDOM ex-boyfriends and childhood classmates during retrogrades. Mercury also rules contracts, so think before you ink. Either wrap up important negotiations before the cycle starts, or wait to sign documents until Mercury goes direct."

Another note? Don’t start anything new! Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to finish something you’ve been putting off, that you may have started some time ago. But it is not the time for starting something new, buying a new phone or computer, or signing any important contracts. false

If you’ve been feeling uneasy around technology, this is probably why. But don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it seems. By being a little diligent and making sure to back it up, you’ll get out of this retrograde alive and unscathed.