Mercury Retrograde might affect your love life, but do not send that text to your ex!

No, the world isn’t ending. It’s just that Mercury entered its retrograde period on December 3rd, which is why it kinda feels like everything is going awry. Mercury rules over communication, travel, and technology; and during its retrograde, when the planet appears to spin backward, these domains tend to get a little messed up. Our travel plans delay, our phones crash, and for some reason we just NEED to text our ex. But don’t sweat it! Let’s talk about how Mercury Retrograde affects your love life — because it’s really not that big of a deal.

First thing’s first: Your ex will probably look extra sexy right now. You may be picking up your phone, wanting to text them, but we have some advice: just don’t. As Mercury seems to move backward, we apparently do as well. Suddenly, we’re not future-tripping, but back-pedalling, thinking about all the good times we had with a past lover. However, instead of caving in by texting/hooking up with your ex, use that Mercury-inspired compulsion to text your BFF (or your current crush!). If you’re single, this may be especially tempting. And while there’s nothing wrong with some sex with an ex, it may be worth contemplating whether or not it’s actually worth it. Taking time to communicate with yourself is also vital, since feelings for the past have a way of sneaking up on us again. As puts it,

"Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time for reflecting on love, and not only that but it could even help you reignite sparks with a former flame! So if you have a lost love you've been pining for, go ahead and track them down. Now's the time to go out there and get 'em back!"

If you’re in a relationship, then things from the past may come to the surface.

Communication may be more obstructed than usual, so taking time to focus on speaking calmly and clearly is vital. Try breathing before you speak, practicing how you’ll respond, and avoid making snap decisions. You may feel extra heated, like a cauldron boiling and bubbling to the surface. Try slowing down, and having a back-up plan for everything you’ve got going on, which includes discussions that could take an unexpected turn. And if the ex conversation does come up, instead of blaming it on Mercury, breathe into the discomfort and see the conversation as a blessing that will help you move forward with ease and grace. also emphasizes the idea that things don’t stick. So don’t get married! And if you break up with your partner, you may end up getting back together. specifically states,

"Realize that misunderstandings are easier now, so don't jump to conclusions and pick a fight if your sweetie says the wrong thing. And if you do fight, and if you do actually break up during this time, don't be surprised if you get right back together once Mercury goes direct. Things that happen during MRx often don't stick — whether they're good or bad."

Chances are that Mercury Retrograde will bring up emotions you tried to leave in the past. And if you do succumb to these feelings by texting or hooking up with your ex, it’s totally okay. Be safe, be smart, and give yourself a break. No one’s perfect, and doing the best you can is all that matters.

Hopefully, Mercury Retrograde will help you actually heal this time around.