Mercury is entering Aries this week—here’s what this means for your zodiac sign

When Mercury enters Aries on April 11th, your response and reasoning will abruptly change. For the past few months (throughout Mercury retrograde), you’ve been focused on your intuition and sentimentality when making decisions and communicating with others. Now, you will be more spontaneous and impulsive with your decision making, which will make you more responsive and quick to temper. Mercury in Aries has a history of putting its foot in its mouth—so try to think before you speak and listen before expressing your passions.  


You’re approaching every situation with logic and practicality, which is a far cry from your usual passionate vibe. Instead of impulsively responding to others, take a moment to find the right words. Understanding facts before you react is crucial and will save you a lot of energy arguing over situations.  


Speaking up is hard to do, especially when you’re having trouble finding the correct words for your inner sentiments. You don’t have to explain to others how you feel 24/7. Sometimes it’s best to keep emotions hidden while navigating through them in order to get a grasp on them.  


Your B.S. detector is on high alert, which is allowing you to suss out members of your crew who aren’t as honest as they claim to be. It’s totally fine to take a break from people who aren’t living up to your expectations, especially when they aren’t treating you kindly and with respect.  


You’re now taking on two roles in the professional realm of your life, making you busy with work projects. The caveat is that these tasks may be of little interest to you, which may cause you to question the direction of your life. Use this time to reassess your career.  


Your hunger for knowledge is real right now, pushing you to unmask injustices and delve into political affairs. Make sure you fully research a topic before asserting your insights. Fact-checking is crucial to make your points come across with clarity. Don’t rely on the news for information; do your own research.  


Don’t shy away from talking openly about taboo subjects. You are a natural investigator and you’re finding resolve in discussing clandestine activities and matters that push people’s buttons, especially those that go against society’s norms. People will confide in you, trusting that you won’t share their secrets.  


Committing to one person may be hard at the moment, especially when you’re still flirting with another admirer behind the scenes. Be real with yourself about the outcome of this situation. No one can win as long as you’re not being 100% honest with yourself and others.


You’re on fire these days, completing every task that comes your way. The only issue is that you’re under a severe amount of pressure (most of it brought on yourself), which is causing you major stress. Try to take a few deep breaths and slow down.  


Ever hear the expression “curiosity killed the cat?” Well, that could very well be you if you don’t stop being a busybody. Stay in your lane the next few weeks and don’t swerve into other people’s issues—even if they try to drag you into their problems.   


Your memory is now like an elephant’s: You’re able to retain a ton of information. This will serve your instinctual nature as you won’t allow yourself to make the same mistakes over and over again. After all, you are a once-bitten, twice-shy kind of sea-goat.  


The mind is a terrible thing to waste and you’re using yours to the maximum over the next few weeks. Picking up new activities will help distract you from current global events and ease your mind by calming your thoughts. Be open to discovering hobbies and projects during this time.  


Your mind is more focused on the material world, allowing you to find comfort in sensual activities instead of abstract stimuli. Embrace life and find time for pleasure within your day to keep your mind agile and fluid, not restrained. This will help you to avoid emotional meltdowns and frustrations.  

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