Mercury Is Entering Virgo—Here’s What This Means for Your Zodiac Sign

Communication will be clear and concise.

Chatty Mercury moves into analytical Virgo on August 11th. Until August 30th, communication will be clear and direct. During this time, words will be concise with how you express your innermost sentiments. The only time that you may be unclear with how you speak or think will be on August 24th, as Mercury and Neptune will oppose each other. This will bring paranoia and suspicion to a head, as you aren’t relying on logic and practicality to guide you. Your intuition may be off, too, which will make it hard to understand matters from a clear perspective then. This is only one moment in time, so prepare yourself wisely.


Straight forward communication with others will be challenging; however, with the right effort, you can come to an understanding with your friends. Don’t be scared to speak your truth. After all, you’re loved for your blunt attitude and honesty. Use your truthful nature to create harmonious relationships with your friends.


Although it may be hard to rely on your intuition, because you’re a cerebral individual, try to let your heart guide you towards decision-making now. Trust your gut to move toward greatness and you won’t be disappointed in the outcome. Don’t overthink matters—let your instincts guide you.


Your anxiety may be high as you are trying to complete all tasks at the same time. By putting pressure on yourself to ensure you do all of your errands, you won’t be able to finish them properly. It’s okay to take time in making sure they’re all done well.


It’s time for you to embrace a new philosophy. Let your mind gel with progressive thinking and spiritual beliefs. Once you open yourself up to fresh and novel ideas, you’ll be able to find your truest path. Keeping your mind open will lead you down the best path for growth.


Your words and mind may be on the defensive, as you are asserting yourself hastily and without care. Be more sure and careful with what you share and express to avoid conflicts that stem from the ego or your inner sensitivities. This will allow you to speak concisely and directly.


You certainly are feeling mischievous and precocious now. This may entice you to seek out endeavors that pique your curiosity. The more you know, the more your mind will grow. Be sure to use the knowledge you obtain for good, rather than to harm those around you and other people.


Although you want to speak up, you’re finding that it’s easier to remain silent. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t have a lot of intense feelings brewing and bubbling underneath the surface. In fact, do you have a lot of emotions that are wanting to come out and will?


It’s easier to befriend people that are different than you, opposed to individuals who have the same background and share the same responses. You will find that understanding and interacting with people that differ from your beliefs give you a lot of insight into yourself and the world at large.


There are a lot of people vying for your position at work. You may feel as though they are leading you on and promising you things that may not manifest. But some prove that their words have validity by giving you the opportunity to attain the professional objectives they have.


It’s time to open your mind and align yourself with a class or project that speaks to you on an intellectual level. You will find that your mind is able to grow and blossom at rampant speed if you pursue a new project that piques your interest and is fun.


Your words hold a lot of power at the moment. They can heal, hurt, bring change, and help others blossom. Be careful in how you are interacting with others and handle situations, as he will find that the way you speak has a lot of weight in your realm.


You love a lot at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you always want to counteract the sentiments of those you care about. Creating a balance in how and when the best time to have a friendly banter or meeting of the minds with others is crucial now.