How to deal with the last few days of Mercury in retrograde.

If anything’s been off these past few weeks, chances are you’ve heard somebody blame it on “Mercury in retrograde.” From January 22 through February 11, the planet of communication has been doing its retrograde thing, and if you believe in astrology, you probably believe that is why everything in your life has been going wrong since the end of last month.

So, what happens when a planet goes retrograde? Basically it slows down to an almost sluggish pace — and in this state, it appears to be going backward. With Mercury in particular, this is an especially dastardly combination, as messenger planet Mercury supposedly rules over communication.

The fallout of this retrograde is that you may be experiencing a sh*tstorm of issues involving technology, appointments, and even travel. You may find yourself running late more often than usual, or realize that you accidentally sent that risque selfie to your mom instead of your significant other (ouch). Maybe it’s just impossible to get or keep an appointment with an associate, or maybe (horror of horrors!) your computer crashes. All these small to medium-sized nightmares are generally considered to be the sucky byproduct of Mercury in retrograde.

So. Knowing this, how does one deal with these remaining pesky days of retrograde until the 11th?

First, BACK UP YOUR HARD DRIVE. Even if there ARE only a few more days left, you really need to be especially attentive about backing up your info during this particular time. Dealing with technology in general requires extra caution during a retrograde cycle — even texts should be read over a few times before you send them.

Make sure you have multiple alarms set, too. Because your phone will probably decide that it is DONE waking you up and go on strike (or, you know, just run out of power). Doesn’t hurt to be too prepared. The same goes for any appointments or dates you might have. You’ll be more prone to forgetfulness right now so either make alerts for them on your calendar, or write them down and stick them on the fridge. If you plan on traveling, or have a tricky commute to work, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get there. Traffic and train delays are definitely a common occurrence during this time.

Many people recommend avoiding contracts or signing papers during a retrograde cycle. While this is generally a good idea, sometimes life intervenes and these things are unavoidable. If you can’t put off signing paperwork until the 11th, make sure to have someone you trust read over the fine print with you.

That said, there are some benefits to Mercury in retrograde. Aside from keeping you on your toes and making sure you’re more fastidious, the retrograde cycle is also a great time for nostalgia and self-reflection. It’s a good time to get sentimental and reconnect with old friends from the past. It’s also a great time to handle any unfinished business or projects that you started a long time time ago. If anything, it’s a great time to take a breather and gear up for your next big step forward.

So cheer up! The retrograde cycle is almost over, and from the 11th onward, any technology or communication problems will simply be the result of incompetence or bad luck! That is, until the next retrograde …

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