Mercury is about to do something good for our lives, for once

If you’re longing to communicate with your loved one in a more heartfelt and intuitive way, you’re in luck. Mercury, the planet of communication, is entering the dreamy sign of Pisces on February 10th and will remain there until April 17th, which means over the next two months, we can expect to express ourselves in more vivid and emotional ways. Mercury is traditionally known as the messenger of gods; in layman’s terms, that just means it symbolizes our lens to the world. It’s how we both perceive and receive information. So when this little planet meets with the Fish, which is ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams and spirituality, our world and how we connect to each other will become otherworldly.

In Pisces, we see the world as we wish to see it and not necessarily for what it is. Rather than be realistic, we are idealistic in our views and communication. We are painting a beautiful picture with our words and thoughts with the hopes that what we are creating and longing for in our minds will soon match up with our surroundings. We are more visual and creative with our processes, whether work-related or personal, and thanks to the Fish’s emotional nature, everything we are trying to communicate is colored with feels.

Whatever we’re putting out there during this time—projects, partnerships, professions of love—we want people to feel something. Because we, ourselves, are desperate to feel. In some instances, we gotta feel whatever we’re feeling in order to heal it. And in others, our feelings are the result of pent-up emotions that have been in desperate need of expression for some time. From “I love you” to “I’m sorry,” now is the time to speak from your heart.

Pisces is also extremely intuitive, so expect to pick up on the subtle nuances and energies around you. If you get a gut feeling about anything, trust it. Your sixth sense is on high alert now and is sending you the messages you’re trying to decipher with your other senses. If things look or feel a little murky, slow down and return to what your heart is telling you. Don’t be afraid to make the more “illogical” choice now. We are not being driven by our rational mind; instead, we are being asked to trust and believe what we cannot see or prove. We’re being called to act and speak from a higher perspective. How can you communicate your truest feelings in the most loving way? What is the best outcome for the highest good? In what ways can you expand and trust your imagination? Will you move forward with something you desire even if you don’t know the outcome?

This isn’t the time to be evasive with your intentions, either. Pisces can be a little dreamy and indecisive at times. If a decision needs to be made or something needs to be made clear, don’t hesitate. Follow through with what you want. You’ll only end up with a lot of “shoulda, woulda, couldas” and regrets if you don’t. Also, Pisces can make us all a little sensitive, so if you’re doing or saying something that has the potential to hurt someone else, proceed with caution and do so very gently. On the flip side, be aware of how sensitive you’ll be feeling right now, too. Try not to interpret everything with your heart and emotions, and understand that what people say or do is a reflection of them—not you.

Since Pisces is most at home near the water, taking time to collect your thoughts and feelings by the water is highly recommended now. Chill out by the beach or a local lake. Even swimming lessons or bringing an aquarium into your office could do the trick.

The Fish has a natural pull towards the arts, so if you find yourself revisiting past art projects or feeling a surge of creative inspiration, follow that instinct and go play. Connecting with your heart while creating something is not only cathartic, it can also help you to revisit parts of your past that you’ve forgotten. Plus, creating heartfelt projects has the potential to unite and heal us all.

Ultimately, Mercury in Pisces is a time to reconnect with ourselves and each other in a more loving and empathetic manner. Listen to your heart and intuition: what is it trying to tell you? And then go do it, bbs.

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