Mercury Is Entering Libra—Here’s What This Means for Your Zodiac Sign

Expect to have a better balance with life.

Mercury enters Libra from August 30th to November 5th. Mercury starts it’s pre-retrograde shadow on September 6th, goes full retrograde from September 27th to October 18th, and ends its post-retrograde journey on November 2nd. During this time, you will see harmony, balance, and compromise in the negotiations that you make.

Communication will be a little bit more fair-minded than ever, as you will put your daggers away to have meaningful and concise discussions. The only issue is that a Mercury in Libra transit can be a little bit critical at times. This placement is known to critique and be honest with their assessments. Therefore, if you’re feeling as though people are being a little bit too direct with you, understand that they are trying to do you a favor by telling you the truth instead of fluffing up situations.

Below is your Mercury in Libra horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


Finding balance with others isn’t easy for you. However, over the next few weeks you will begin to make nice and peace with some people in your social sphere, which will create harmony in these relationships. Then, the relationships will feel more balanced, and you’ll be content with them.


You’re beginning to get your daily routine organized and flowing accordingly. The caveat is that you may be a little stressed out or tired at first from all the work. But, over the next few weeks, you’ll begin to feel as though you are getting and taking your power back.


Take a leap of faith over the next few weeks. By getting out of your comfort zone, you will see that the world has infinite possibilities. If you’re feeling a little bit more cautious, be cautious in the risks you take to ensure as much calculated success as possible.


You’re finding yourself to be a little bit more conventional in the words that you speak and the thoughts that you have. It’s not that you are being traditional in their mindset, you’re just thinking about things from a reserved perspective to ensure that there is title room for failure.


There is a lot of chatter surrounding your orbit, which is having a stressful impact on your energy. Stop being paranoid and thinking others are talking about you. TBH, even if they are, you cannot control their actions. Focus on yourself alone and not what they’re saying behind your back.


Use this time to get real about your finances. If you need advice about your spending habits and investments, it’s a great time to see counsel from those who have knowledge in this area. You’ll save a lot of cash as a result of the advice you are being given.


As usual, love is on your mind and in your heart. Speaking from your heart will create a deeper bond with those in your inner circle. Therefore, it’s time to assert yourself and to be truthful with your emotions. You will be surprised by how much they reciprocate your sentiments.


Secrets will remain hidden, mostly at your discretion. Although you don’t have to share the details of your life, you’ll choose to open up and let those who are close to you know about the skeletons in your closet. This will create a closer relationship with them in the future.


It’s time to realign yourself with your personal goals. By opening your heart to your dreams, you will be able to create and manifest the life that you want for yourself in the future. Make a list or a vision board showcasing your desires. They will absolutely come to fruition shortly.


Be careful about what you share on social media. It may come back to haunt you later on, this is why you should post your emotions and sentiments with a guarded heart and spirit. You can also hint about situations instead of giving others all of the intimate tea publicly.


Instead of focusing on problems on a small scale, look at them with a broader perspective. Once you allow yourself to take a step back and see things from 1000 miles away, you will be able to make concise and precise decisions and gain a better understanding of the situation.


Right now, you are solely fixated on finding out the utmost truth about relationships and situations. The caveat is that you may not find logical explanations to matters, which means that you’ll have to lean into your intuitive side to find the answers that you are looking and searching for.