Mercury moves into Capricorn this week, so expect a career change to occur

Mercury enters Capricorn on Sunday, December 29th, so we can expect to have quite an interesting journey for this month—let’s overview it, shall we?

When Mercury is in Capricorn, we think more grounded, practical, and long-term. And because of this, our communication is more straightforward, business-like, and efficient. While miscommunication is unlikely to occur, there’s usually a little dryness in the air—except this time around.

Why? Because Mercury starts its journey in Capricorn alongside Jupiter, which makes this an interesting time for everyone on a personal and collective level. During this time, we’ll be asking a lot of questions in regard to regulations, ethics, laws, and truth. Keep in mind: The question of honesty will be preponderant at the beginning of 2020, so we’ll start the year with law-like questions.

But as Mercury continues its journey through Capricorn, we’ll experience a powerful moment around January 11th with a super-packed configuration in Capricorn.

This means we’ll experience some shocking events on a political/governmental level. January will focus on questions of reputations, ethics, standards, and expectations. During this time, most of us will be asking ourselves serious questions that pertain to our professional lives, while some people will be questioning whether or not their career is truly suited for them. Either way, January will be an important month for a lot of people with career changes occurring. Astro tip: Just expect a lot of dirty secrets to be aired in public.

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