The women’s rights movement is getting a big dose of fighting energy from the cosmos this month

Mercury entering Cancer on June 4th (and staying through June 26th) is going to bring a significantly different energy to the collective.

Thing is, Mars already entered Cancer a few weeks back, and with Mars in Cancer, we’re collectively much more covert about the things we want and what frustrates and irritates us. In a nutshell, we’re all feeling a tad passive-aggressive because we just feel less at ease with expressing ourselves in a straightforward way.

This also means that we’re more sensitive and easily hurt, and we don’t necessarily know how to communicate this efficiently, so we use subterfuge, hints, and clues.

Mercury in Cancer further magnifies this energy, and this is going to act as a double-edged sword: On one hand, we’re more capable of understanding and communicating what’s going on, what we want, where we have pain, and why we’re angry. But as we’re being served a double dose of Cancer, we’re even more sensitive and defensive. So: trade carefully with others during this month, and focus on being forgiving to others for the harm they cause you, because chances are, they really didn’t mean it.

Cancer energy is receptive and empathetic, which means we are going to experience everyone’s feelings more deeply, and we’ll be more capable of understanding what is not being said. At the same time, we’ll also be more capable of drawing conclusions and looking at our surroundings through our subjective points of view.

Mercury entering Cancer puts the focus on subjectivity, sensitivity, emotionality, and receptivity. All of our communication is completely shifted, and we’re all much more aware of our sensitivity; we’re communicating from a very subjective and emotional space.

Mercury in Cancer truly can be summed up as emotional communication, but, as I’ve mentioned, this time around it’s a little bit different as Mercury will be transiting Cancer along with Mars, which doesn’t take away the sensitivity but does render it much more aggressive in its expression.

Because Mercury will join Mars this month, the focus on anger and assertiveness is going to be truly magnified. You’ll find that a lot of covert conflict will be going on, and it’s going to be your responsibility to identify your triggers, what sets you on fire, and how to make sure you simmer on your own and learn how to bring yourself back to peace.

On a more collective level, having Mercury and Mars in Cancer will encourage us to be extremely vocal (Mercury) and active (Mars) about the feminine, women, women’s rights, mothers’ rights. This energy is only going to increase as we get deeper and deeper into the transit of Mercury in Cancer, and you can expect the current women’s rights movement arising in the United States to gain in strength and spread worldwide.

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