Mercury Is Entering Aries—Here’s What This Means for Your Zodiac Sign

It's time to be careful with your words.

Mercury will be in fiery Aries from April 3rd to April 19th. During this time, communication will be direct, impulsive, and eddy. In order to avoid conflict with others, you’ll have to choose your words wisely and put your swords away when expressing yourself. 

Below is your Mercury in Aries horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


Get ready to be the life of the party (well, Zoom party). Decorate your home and dress up for the occasion, but more importantly, you should put on your charm and use your witty nature to win over the hearts and loyalty of your friends (not that you need to). 


You’re lost in your thoughts, which means that you’re not able to see situations clearly. Discuss your sentiments with others to get another opinion before you allow yourself to only see your version of the story. This will help you understand matters from a different perspective and be open-minded in most situations.


When you want to get deep, take a step back. You need to keep things simple and light in order to process all the information that’s coming your way. Once you are able to look at matters from a million miles away, you will be able to gain more clarity.


You’re known to always be a busy bee (or shall we say crab?). Now, your professional life is heating up and pushing you to take on many different roles at work. In order to keep yourself calm and centered throughout this transit, make sure you remain organized at all times.


Talking about philosophy and worldly visions as a negotiator is your current role now, as you are addressing important matters on a large scope that needs to be dealt with on a universal level. You want to bring others together by uniting them and helping them work through their issues.


Words can hurt, which is a sentiment you’re fully aware of but you’re also learning the depth and power they have right now. Before asserting yourself and making blunt-blanket statements, think about what you’re wanting to express. You may realize that you attract more kindness with sweeter and more sincere words.


You are feeling as though the communication in all of your relationships is one-sided, which is making you lose your innate sense of balance. Make sure that you’re upfront with what you are trying to express to ensure that you don’t forget to compose yourself, instead of endlessly arguing.


Having a daily routine is important for you to undertake at this moment in time. You may even find that it keeps you on the up and up. Doing a morning ritual and stating affirmations will make sure that you stay on the course and out of trouble (wink, wink).


Romance is on your mind, allowing you to take the lead when flirting with your significant other or crush. Send them a few loving messages to let them know that you care. This will allow them to feel confident in moving matters (including the relationship) forward without second-thinking about their actions.


You’re keeping your thoughts to yourself and not wanting to overshare your sentiments at the moment in an effort to avoid conflict. To be honest, this is a great idea considering that you’re not in the mood to take on the emotional weight and energy of having to debate feelings.


You’re not one to be messy, but you will be involved in the spreading of rumors even if it’s accidental. Try not to put your foot in your mouth and instead, put your best foot forward in not allowing the tea to be told amongst your peer group. Stay in your lane.


You’re speaking louder and bolder than you have before, which allows your voice to be heard by many. Use your power for good and let others know how important your points are. It will serve you well to demand all the attention and to seek the opportunity to be heard.