Here’s how to become a better version of yourself during Virgo season

There’s a massive Virgo wind blowing on the collective as Mercury enters Virgo, following up on Sun, Venus, and Mars. When Mercury was in Leo all through August, we were much more loud and prideful. We were also more creative and focused on ourselves, trying to understand who we are at our core and to find a deeper sense of identity. Now, Mercury entering the analytical and cautious sign of Virgo effectively renders our communication much more precise and careful.

Mercury in Virgo throughout September puts the focus on self-improvement, self-help, and self-reflection. How can we become better versions of ourselves? How can we refine our personalities and routines so that we can get closer to our goals, whether they’re related to work, fitness, health, or relationships?

Virgo is all about efficiency, productivity, practicality, and setting down-to-earth goals.

As Mercury enters Virgo, we leave behind our desires for pride and for hyping ourselves up. We take a closer look at everything and ask where we can make improvements. During September, you will find that your communication with others will be much more detailed, cautious, and precise—and it’s for the best. It’s unlikely that miscommunication will occur, since we’re all taking a much closer look at how we express ourselves and how we come across to others. Self-consciousness is key, in all of its positive and negative connotations.

You might find yourself being more critical of others and yourself. You’re advised to slow down and notice the ways in which the voice in your head is addressing you. Is this voice mean? If so, practice distancing yourself from this inner bully. Would you speak to your friends this way? This voice might have a lot to say, but we won’t stand for its consuming self-doubt.

If your inner critic has a tendency to act out, it might be even louder in September.

September is a perfect month for each of us to notice our inner critic and soothe it. It’s a month during which any kind of intellectual work dedicated to self-improvement, organization, and self-awareness is favored.

As Mercury enters Virgo, it’s also a good time to stir up some problem-solving energy—especially if you’re facing problems or situations that require careful analysis. When Mercury is in Virgo, take the time to write down everything that needs attention. You’ll find it easier to break things down in detailed segments, allowing you to make complicated matters appear more simple. And that is key.

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