Mercury’s making a big move today, and it’s going to change the way we communicate for the next month

Mercury enters Taurus on May 6th and will stay there until June 5th—but what does that mean for us?

When Mercury enters Taurus, communication will slow down significantly and become more grounded. This means that on a collective level, we’re all going to gain in practicality; we’re more able to listen without interrupting, we’re more likely to take our time before sending that email with the attached document not attached, we’re more rooted in ourselves and in our truth, and we’re less prone to letting others trigger us or make us react.

As we’ll be slower in our communication for the next month, everyone is asked to reflect on their own truth and values: Are you honoring your truth, or are you bending over backwards to fit other people’s perceptions and perspectives? Are you dishonoring yourself by reacting to triggers? Are you letting your energy be depleted by engaging with unnecessary intellectual debates and conflicts?

This is a good time for us to explore our body, our breath, and our creativity. This month is highly intellectual for everyone, and I really, really recommend focusing on breath and voice: take a yoga class, a Pilates class, meditate, or sing. Quite simply, the energy is calling us to reconnect mind and body together and promises huge intellectual releases until May 10th.

Mercury in Taurus also has some downsides, which include being overly inflexible, closing yourself off intellectually, and being overly stubborn and stuck in your mindset. These are definitely downsides of this transit, which you can look for in yourself, but I will say that after the energy of the last months, Mercury entering Taurus truly offers the perfect balance between flexibility/excitability and becoming much more grounded in our minds and bodies.

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