Mercury Enters Scorpio This Week—Here’s What This Means for Your Zodiac Sign

You can expect secrets to be exposed.

Mercury enters Scorpio on September 27th. Over two weeks later, it’ll start to move backward on another retrograde journey (which will last from October 13th to November 3rd).

During the planetary backspin, Mercury will moonwalk into Libra on October 27th. Then, it’ll charge forward into Scorpio again from November 10th until December 1st. When Mercury is in provocative Scorpio, you can expect to have deep feels and communications—but most of it will not be spoken and instead felt intuitively without words, as Scorpio is a super psychic sign that transcends any proclamations. Mysteries will be resolved now and secrets will be exposed—so watch out!  

Below is your Mercury in Scorpio horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign horoscope, too.


Taboos and secrets will be the topics of choice in all of your communications. Being able to openly talk about the edgier sentiments and darker side of things will be essential in embracing your innermost thoughts. You’ll be ravenous to get extra deep with others.  


You’re crushing on quite a few people at the moment, which means you’ll have several options to choose from. Use this time to get to know your soon-to-be boos better. You may be able to choose one sooner than you think.


Your coworkers may not have your best interests in mind right now. Be aware before you share confidential information that they can be extra tricky and duplicitous or may steal your ideas. Loose lips sink ships. Don’t sabotage yourself by oversharing with your colleagues.  


Creativity is in the air. Now’s the time to speak about your artistic desires and let them be known. Don’t hold back your passions. The more you share your gifts with the world, the more others will hear you. Use your innate talents to let your voice be heard.  


You’re enjoying spending more time at home, whether you’re sipping a pumpkin spice latte, reading a seasonal book, or watching your favorite series on Netflix. However, now’s the time to put on your serious face and favorite pair of glasses. Add intellectualism to your personal vibe at home, smarty pants!  


Much to your surprise, you will be very chatty over the next few weeks, which means that you’ll be over-expressing your analytical thoughts. While you may be talking and sharing more than usual, you’ll be happy speaking your mind and sharing your thoughts now.  


It’s okay to push the envelope every now and again. During the upcoming weeks you’ll need to think about what you say to ensure that you don’t put your foot in your mouth. This will help you find the right way to express yourself.  


Your detective hat is now on, and you are thirsting to understand all of the mysteries of life on a deeper level. Your curious mind will help you gain insight on matters you never thought possible. The world is your oyster—explore it! 


You are often too quick to speak, and you think about situations and relationships too often. But now you’re taking a step back from running your mouth at lightning speed and thinking impulsively. Also, it’s okay to not have the last word—which is something you’re learning now.  


True friends are golden, and you should adore and admire them. The ones who are flaky or insincere will show their real faces now, making you want to disconnect and focus on your ride-or-die besties. Share your time and heart with them.  


Your coworkers and boss feel like you are a breath of fresh air at work. Not only that, but you are bringing your innovative and novel ideas to creative projects, which your colleagues will have a lot of respect for (and maybe be jealous of).  


Curiosity may have killed the cat, but that doesn’t mean that it will stand in the way of gaining information about situations and people that you want to learn more about. It’s okay to want to be in the know. Embrace your inquisitive mind now.  

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