The cosmos wants you to focus on yourself right now—but there’s one thing you should avoid

Heads up, everyone. After a long, long, long transit of Mercury in the sign of Cancer, we’re finally ready to move on to different pastures. Mercury enters Leo today, August 11th. This year, we have had long transits of Mercury in water signs. Mercury went retrograde in Cancer this summer, and retrograded in Pisces earlier this year. These retrogrades put the focus on emotional reflection, growth, and maturation. We’ve considered how to become better at processing and handling our emotions, and you might have noticed yourself becoming much better at expressing yourself. If so—kudos.

Mercury entering Leo marks the end of this long process of emotional reflection.

And now, we’re entering much more straightforward and extroverted times. It’s already Leo season, and Venus and Mars are also in Leo, so it’s safe to say that we’re bathing in kitty energy. Roar! Mercury represents how we think, perceive reality, and express ourselves; no wonder it’s such a big deal when it turns retrograde. With Mercury entering the sign of Leo, our perspective becomes very ego-centered, which can be both a positive thing and a negative thing. Hear me out.

When Mercury enters Leo, we’re offered the possibility of focusing on ourselves. What do we like? What do we want? Who are we? What do we think? And what do we think about ourselves? It’s a great time to cheer yourself up, build yourself up, and be your own best friend and biggest supporter. It’s a time of focusing on yourself, taking on new hobbies, trying new classes, and even making new friends. The energy is about focusing on what brings you joy and what builds you up.

However, with Mercury in Leo, there is the possibility of being so focused on ourselves that we end up wrapped up in conflicts with others.

Why? Because we may find it difficult to understand their perspectives, or even begin to try. It’s good to remain aware of this energy and to always ask yourself when faced with a challenge: “If I put myself in this person’s shoes, how can I find some validity in their point of view?”

For this upcoming month, our mind is on passion, romance, play, fun, adventure, and joy. Not a bad program, if you ask me. It’s a wonderful time to discover a new passion (for someone or something) and to look at things from a more optimistic perspective.

Leo is also about taking risks and gambling, and you might find yourself making decisions based on an optimistic—if not risky—mindset. Do flow with this energy, but with reason. As Venus in Leo already pushes us to spend endlessly, now that Mercury follows, you might find yourself spending too far beyond your means. Aside from that word of caution, the rest of August promises to be cheerful and passionate. Enjoy the energy, everyone.

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