Mercury is entering Cancer this week—here’s what this means for your zodiac sign

Planet of communication Mercury enters emotional Cancer on May 28th. During this transit—which will last until August 4th, due to Mercury’s backspin in July—you will express your words through your moods and feelings without logic. You will want others to know what you’re saying without using words. However, this will create conflict within yourself because you may feel as though you’re not being heard. Learning to embrace your sentiments and speak your personal truths will be challenging but necessary.   

Here’s your Mercury entering Cancer horoscope. Also, make sure to check your rising sign.


Lately, you’ve been burning the candle at both ends. Now it’s time to take a step back from 99% of the stresses in your world and relax at home. Chill out with binging on Netflix and Zoom calls with friends. This cosmic prescription will prove to be rejuvenating.  


You’re feeling a tad anxious lately, mostly due to the millions of errands you’ve put on your to-do list. Instead of making yourself more stressed out by looking at your ever-growing list, try to bang out a few of your chores a day to make your tasks seem less daunting.  


You may feel as though your family, friends, and coworkers are putting you on the spot for immediate answers to their problems. Take a moment to think things over before giving them a response, saying something you may regret later, or answering their quandaries in an impatient manner.  


You’re ditching the negative emotional reactions you usually give to all new things that come into your life and make you live outside your comfort zone. You may even decide that you vibe well with some of the changes coming your way. This will make you feel freer as a result.  


Anxieties may be high right now. But, if you lean into your secret desires, you can totally work through some of your inner stresses. Once you live your truth, you’ll feel less held back and constrained—even able to move your dreams, which will lessen your frustrations and burdens.  


You’re stepping up your game and aiming to create a humanitarian utopia with your squad. Investing your energy and resources into this project will pay off—just have a little patience. You’ll achieve your charitable goals with your friends shortly. Don’t give up on your visions. Steer the course!  


Bringing fresh energy to your job will help you restore your enthusiasm to produce amazing results. You’ll be surprised by how much drive you have at this time. Be careful not to let your enthusiasm force you to take on too many projects. You want to avoid professional burnout.  


You’re quick to offer counsel to members of your squad. The issue is that while you may find your unsolicited advice helpful, they may view it as being a little judgmental. Only offer up wisdom if they ask for advice in order to avoid conflict. Listen with open ears to their problems.  


You love pushing the envelope, which is why you’ll flip over the chance to discuss provocative subjects. That’s right, Sag: It’s time for you to get deep with others. Talking about taboo topics will make you feel more connected to and seen by other people for the first time in a while.  


Stop overthinking everything your boo tells you. You may believe that they have intentions that are less than honorable and try to find flaws in their words. The less you overthink, the more you’ll see that they’re being totally upfront with you. Don’t give in to the negativity. Think realistically!  


All the tension you’re feeling can pay off if you use it in a healthy manner to implement new projects and manifest personal goals. You can channel your frustrations and tensions into productive activities during this time.  


You’re in the mood to flirt with your crush. The caveat is that you have a few people who you’re vibing with. The good news is that you can have your cake and eat it too by enjoying sweet texts from a few peeps, if you’re not in a committed relationship.

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