Mercury Retrograde is almost over, and here’s what that means for your zodiac sign

Can you feel that? It’s the collective sigh of relief we’re all experiencing knowing that Mercury is going direct on August 18th. The little planet that messes with our communication and technology, amping up our anxiety and wrecking havoc with our plans, is getting back to its usual self this week. Phew! So what does that means for your zodiac sign?

First off, it’s important to keep in mind all the lessons we’ve learned during the last four weeks of Mercury Retrograde. Yes, you’ve probably encountered your fair share of challenges during this period (it’s not called #BlameItOnTheRetrograde for nothing) but I’m also pretty sure you’ve made some gains in your communication skills and how you approach delays and obstacles. As you soak up the semi-smoothness of life (after all, we still have a few more retrogrades to finish up), here are some of the lessons you can glean from the end of Mercury Retrograde, according to your zodiac sign.


You’re finally feeling a freedom like no other, Aries. Maybe it’s the rush of a new creative project or embodying your best self—or both—but now you’re feeling more like you again, more than you have in a long time. Take this time to savor the moment, and then follow your impulses.


It’s time to protect yourself, Taurus. You’ve been laying it all out on the line for others and trying to make the most out of a bad situation, but now the cosmos want you to take care of you. Put your needs and desires first and see the big picture for what it is—the beginning of a new adventure.


You’re feeling very clear on a particular vision and goal for yourself, Gemini. Though the timing might still be off, now is a great time to start planning for it. Put things in motion, even baby steps. Remember—any action is progress. Your time is coming.


Time to start fresh, Cancer. Though you prefer familiarity over change, the cosmos are asking you to trust that going forth into a new realm is exactly what you need. Maybe it’s a new job or letting go of a relationship. Whatever it is, embrace it. It’s going to be okay.


You often don’t need an excuse or even a nudge to promote yourself, Leo. But if you needed one, consider this it. You’ve been second-guessing yourself, which is very un-Leo-like, and probably just a matter of retrograde residue. However, you know you’re capable. You can do it, so do it.


It’s time to have the talk, Virgo. Whether it’s about your career, finances, or romance, put it out on the table and say what you need to say. Speaking your needs will only benefit you in the end—even if you don’t receive the response you want. Free yourself and speak your mind.


You’re focusing on self-worth and value, Libra. You’ve witnessed the sometimes dirty truth of people and situations, and now you’re ready to spend your energy on a high vibin’ tribe and projects, because you finally realize you deserve so much more than what you’ve received. And you do!


Your career and establishing yourself are your main priorities, Scorpio. You are visualizing yourself playing on a different scale and you know it’s time to level up. Reach out to contacts and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, be it through networking events or showcasing your work on social media. Show up for yourself.


Start planning that new adventure of yours, Sag. You know the one you’ve been dreaming about? Now is the time to get your ducks in a row to make it happen. Though it might be slow to start (because #summerofretrogrades) don’t give up on it. Often, the best things don’t come easy.


You’re feeling yourself more than ever, Capricorn. From the personal to the professional, things are finally aligning with the Universe. The Capricorn tendency would be to keep your head to the grindstone; however, try to look up once in a while and admire the view. You deserve all the goodness around you. Remember that.


You’re itching for a change, Aquarius, and now is the time to make that happen. Initiate whatever it is that’s keeping you up at night. Whether it’s a new creative project, career change, or even an exotic getaway, it’s time to carve out a plan and put it in action. Being proactive will help.


Getting crystal clear about what it is you really want, Pisces, is what will help you out now. You might be feeling indecisive about a situation or a relationship, but in truth your gut and your heart know what’s up. Trust that feeling, and then clarity will be yours. From there, you’ll know what to do.

Welcome this moment of clarity and focus, bbs. It will help us moving forward as we deal with the other retrogrades that have yet to wrap up, and will get us closer to our infinite potential.