Mercury Is Turning Direct—Here’s What This Means for Your Zodiac Sign

The retroshade will commence.

Planet of communication, Mercury, has been moonwalking from October 13th to November 3rd (Election Day!). As Mercury begins to move forward from the 3rd until the 19th in the signs of Libra and Scorpio, you will be experiencing the retroshade zone of the transit. This is the time when the tea comes out and secrets are revealed. It’s also a great time to heal situations and relationships that have undergone issues during the actual retrograde.  

Scroll below for your Mercury direct horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


As of late, love has been a rocky road for you. Letting go of past frustrations with your S.O. or crush may be hard, but it’s important to do if you want to transcend and evolve your relationship. It’s not about winning arguments, though—relationships require lots of compromises to work.  


Simply put, you are exhausted now. After all the drama that’s been swirling around you for the past few weeks, you are in need of a rest. Implementing self-care into your routine will help you decompress. Giving yourself TLC will also help you center your energies and focus right now.  


For the past few weeks, you’ve allowed yourself to have feelings for your old crush AGAIN. Now, you’re seeing that their promises and words don’t manifest into anything real. While you may still be hopeful that the relationship can turn into more, you’re beginning to see flaws in the foundation.  


You’ve spent the past weeks experimenting with home decor, only to find that you’re not vibing with your paint choices and want to redo your color scheme. This time, buy paint samples from the hardware store to test before using them on your walls to ensure you dig it. 


You’ve been getting messy by creating drama with your friends. Now, you’re trying to repair such dynamics, which may be tricky. The best way to handle this situation is to admit you were wrong and apologize. Don’t let your ego stand in the way of making amends with your besties.  


Wake up from your spendthrift daydream! Take stock of your finances and make a budget (one that you can stick to). This way you won’t overspend, and you’ll have a few dollars saved for a rainy day—which is coming your way in the next week.


Life is kinda out of wack these days due to the fact that you’re not organized. Use the next two weeks to start getting your schedule and routine in order. This will help you plan your days and time more accordingly. Then, you can implement order into your routine.  


There have been a few miscommunications in your orb that have caused you to have anxiety over relationships. Use the next two weeks to gain clarity and understanding with others. Try to kiss and make up before you take issues to the next level and argue over such matters.  


It’s time to make amends with members of your crew who have recently upset you. Try to work out your differences by having a heartfelt conversation. Most importantly, come from a place of love and respect. This will strengthen your friendship and unite you both again on a deeper level.  


There is a lot of conflict happening at work, but fortunately you will remain unscathed by the drama if you don’t get involved. Even if your colleagues try to stir the pot, it’s best for you to be neutral at all times to avoid quarrels from brewing at this time.  


You’ve been looking at life from a broader perspective lately. This has made you skip over the details and unable to retain important information. Take a closer look at situations and relationships before you make assessments on matters. When you have all of the information, then you can act accordingly.  


Before you overstep boundaries or have others do that with you, be aware that creating limits is important in all relationships. That way no one takes advantage of you (and vice versa). Stand your ground to ensure that you have control over your life and are not being manipulated by others.  

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