Meowy and Bright: Gifts For The Pet Lover

First of all, I make no apologizes for the title of this article, because somewhere I am still giggling about it. This is how much I love animals, you guys. I’m that friend: the one who treats her dog like a person. And I’ve resigned myself to it, because seriously, my dog is the best. Even if you aren’t crazy about your friend’s furry friend, the good news is (as the puntastic headline suggests), you can parlay their love into easy holiday shopping.

So you need a gift for your friend who is obsessed with her cat. Luckily, pet people are easy to shop for. It’s simple: we’re happy when our pets are happy! Anything that makes us think of our little nugget will do the trick. I’ve compiled a list of gifts for humans, gifts for their pets and gifts they can enjoy together. We’re talkin’ dog lovers, cat lovers, fish lovers, bird lovers and even woodland creature lovers. Browse for your friends, or shop for yourself!

Water Dragon Dogzilla – $38 from American Apparel

Don’t choose between those dinosaur PJs and that onezie. Choose the dino onezie. ALWAYS CHOOSE THE DINO ONEZIE. Your friend will thank you.

Cat Ring – $150 at Catbird

Even if your friend doesn’t have a cat, she can still be an honorary cat lady with this cute ring.

Dog Bow Tie – $9 from Etsy

We all have one: the have a friend who loves to dress up her dog. If you (or her dog) hate animals wearing clothes, this is a pretty cute compromise.

Wood Fish Tray – $14 from Twine

Imagine serving fish on this fish tray. Whoa.

Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats – 5.79 at Amazon

“Why have just a regular cat when you could have a caticorn?” Cats obviously love these things. If you don’t believe me, look at this satisfied customer, or watch the outtakes video on the site. You’re welcome.

Sweater Pup Cookie Jar – $68 from Anthropologie

This is not your grandmother’s cookie jar. It’s adorably quirky, endearing and ironic. Your pal will love it for dog cookies, or for human cookies.

Cardboard Cat Teepee – $35 from UncommonGoods

Cats take a lot of naps. They might as well take them in style.

Bird Clock – $42 at MoMA Store

iPhone alarms are so 2013. Give the gift of waking up to the sounds of nature.

Stripe Hype Collar – $10 and up at Waggo

Anything you can get monogrammed is a plus in my book. Bonus: they’re made from recycled plastic bottles.

Barkbox Subscription – starting at $19 a month at BarkBox

It’s like Netflix for dogs. (Well, they don’t ship you actual dogs, but they ship you toys and treats for your dog. You know what I mean.) You can give one, three or six month subscriptions as a gift. And, 10% goes to supporting pups in need. It’s a win-win-win-win—for you, your friend, their dog and shelters!

Have yourself a furry little Christmas, Gigglers!

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