Ooh La La! Here’s what’s on the menu at Disneyland’s “Beauty and the Beast”-inspired Red Rose Taverne

Just in time for the premiere of the live-action Beauty and the Beast, Disneyland is offering a pop-up restaurant inspired by the movie.

The restaurant, called the Red Rose Taverne, opened to the public on February 24. The eatery, located in the theme park’s Fantasyland, includes painted murals from the film and inspired meals. Guests can choose from a variety of delicious options, including the “Beast’s Burger,” the “Enchanted Cauliflower Sandwich,” and the “Chicken Sandwich à la Lumière.” And that’s just a start.


Other options include two poutine dishes, a flatbread and a traditional slow-cooked offering over waffle fries and gravy. There’s even “Gaston’s Famous Brew,” which is an apple mango punch with passion fruit foam (YUM!).

But the most exciting item on the menu is the “Grey Stuff Gateau,” an ode to a line in the song, “Be Our Guest.” (In case you forgot, the line is “try the grey stuff, it’s delicious!”)

A reporter at Eater had the chance to review it, and was thoroughly impressed.

"This is what you came for, and damn, Lumiere was right: it’s freaking unbelievable," wrote Carlye Wisel. "Avoid its shortbread base all together and dive into the white chocolate mousse-covered, raspberry-centered red velvet cake for a mix of the most decadent flavors you’ll find in Disneyland."

Seriously, take a look at how beautiful this is.

The restaurant is one of several Beauty and the Beast-inspired attractions that are temporarily at the theme park.

Among them include special merchandise and characters, like Gaston wandering around the premises.

For a sweet treat, you can also head over to Maurice’s Treats or stop by the Royal Reception to buy souvenirs. If you want even more Beauty and the Beast, head over to the Royal Theater for a live performance.

If you can’t make it to California, there are only a couple weeks left until the film hits theaters on March 17.

In addition to goddess Emma Watson playing Belle, we’ve already learned several other amazing things about the upcoming movie. First, we discovered there’s a LGBTQ plot, in which Gaston’s sidekick, LeFou, has a bit of a crush on him. Then we found out that the movie will depict Disney’s first (and second) interracial kiss.

AMAZING. We seriously can’t wait to see this movie and try the Grey Stuff.

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