15 mental health quotes everyone should read today

October 10th is World Mental Health Day, a day that brings awareness to the often-taboo topic of mental health. Like physical health, we all have mental health, and 42 percent of us will struggle with some sort of mental health condition at one point in our lives. However, people can be hesitant to ask for the help they need, due to the stigma surrounding these issues.

Below are some mental health quotes you’ll want to share with your loved ones or post to social media this World Mental Health Day. Remember, speaking openly and bringing awareness about mental health is the first step in helping to break down the shame surrounding it.

1Know what’s most important in your life

2Do what you need to do

3Your diet is just one part of the puzzle


5We can get through this together

6Be kind to those around you

7Your presence is a gift

8There’s no place for blame

9Your health is paramount

10Challenges strengthen us

11Your worst moments don’t define you

12You must remember this

13Let your loved ones know you care

14You can do it

15Just breathe and keep going

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