A few men’s products you should buy to avoid the Pink Tax

It was quite the bummer to read that new study from the New York Consumer Affairs Board that found that, on average, women pay more than what men pay 42 percent of the time for the same thing.

Yes, that means if you and a dude in your life bop over to CVS, and fill your baskets with the same kinds of razors, shampoo/conditioners, etc.—but you get the lady-versions of everything and he gets the man models—he is probably paying a lot less when you guys head over to check out.

Of course, you’re probably thinking at this point “Wait, but the wage gap is a thing, women on average get 77 cents for every dollar a man is paid, and men are getting a drugstore discount on top of that?”

We call shenanigans too. And all those small charges add up. As the New York Daily News reports, in 1994, the state of California studied gender-based pricing, and found that women paid an average “pink tax” of $1,351 for the same services as men (this also included things like haircuts and dry cleaning).

So until brands make razor refills for women that cost exactly as much as their razor refills for men (right now there’s a $4 upcharge for women, whaaaaat?) here are examples of the way-cheaper men’s versions of things you can buy:


If you buy a 2.6 oz bar of men’s Degree, you’re paying 20 cents less than the women’s version (and getting .1 oz more!) Meanwhile Dove deodorant costs anywhere from $1.73 to $5.88 per ounce if you’re a woman, but it’s only about $1.66 to $1.96 per ounce if you’re a dude.


Remington sells their hair trimmers for men for $19.99 (with an advertised 18 pieces no less) but then once they put “bikini line” on the box, the price jumps to $24.99. Also dude trimmers got better reviews, le hmmmm.


TIGI Bed Head Clean Up Shampoo for women is $1.18 per ounce, which would be fine if the version for men wasn’t half that at 56 cents an ounce.


As long as Nivea Body Wash has flowers/fruit on the label, it’s 38 to 58 cents per ounce. But once “for men” gets slapped on the packaging, it’s always 35 cents an ounce. The pennies, they add up.


Want to smell like a Hilfiger Woman? That’ll be $64.99 for a 1.7 oz bottle, please. We think we’d rather smell like a Hilfiger Man, only $44.99 for the same size, that’s a 30% discount just for being a dude.


“Wait, there are pens for girls?” Yes, Bic sells mechanical pencils, gel and ballpoint pens “for her,” at a significant markup. If you just get a “regular” Bic ballpoint pen, it’s 33 cents per pen compared to the whopping $2.90 per pen if it’s “for her.” A gel pen is 87 cents if it’s “regular” and, again, $2.90 if it’s “for her.” This is what the acronym SMDH was invented for.


If a kid wants to be  Vader or a Stormtrooper, that’ll be $25.99. Yoda is $26.99. But a Leia costume will set you back $45.99. Stormtrooper it is.

(Image via Dove)

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