If you want to get pregnant, here’s why your man should quit smoking, too

So say you’re trying to get pregnant. Of course you’re going to quit smoking to help increase your chances and ensure a healthy pregnancy. That’s common sense. But if your guy thought he could keep puffing away during the process, well, he’s in for a rude awakening — and needs to buy some nicotine gum ASAP. A new study just found that smoking damages sperm and may cause health risks for your future baby.

As the New York Times reports, researchers at the Sao Paulo Federal University in Brazil analyzed the sperm of smokers and non-smokers and found that the DNA in smokers’ sperm was fragmented, which has been shown to cause an increased risk of genetic abnormalities and even childhood cancers. Smokers’ sperm were also less active, meaning they were much less likely to successfully fertilize an egg.

Remember that commercial where Rachael Leigh Cook smashed up a kitchen with a frying pan while saying “This is your brain on heroin”? Just imagine her taking a frying pan to a box of delicate glass Christmas ornaments while yelling, “This is your sperm on cigarettes.” Any questions?

Basically no matter your gender, if you’re trying to make a baby, cigarettes and ovulation charts don’t mix.

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