‘Men in Black 4’ will have a major Woman in Black

Here’s something that you won’t be able to easily erase from our memory: The next installment of Men in Black is going to feature a woman suiting up to help save the day.

If you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more aliens hiding among us, you were wrong. The makers of the movies starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as unlikely partners trying to stop some pesky aliens — and erasing everyone’s memories in the processes — have decided to have a fourth go at it. While it’s still really early on in the film’s process, and there’s no word as to if Smith or Jones would even return to their roles as Agents K and J, respectively, one thing is already shaping up for the movie: It’s going to have some girl power.

No, it’s not the gender-swapped Men in Black we were holding out for (just like Ghostbusters before it), but it’s the next best thing.

“There will be a prominent woman in black in the fourth [film],” a long term producer of the movies, Laurie MacDonald, explained to BBC Newsbeat, “Now we’re looking at a reinvention… it’s a wonderful world to get back into.”

There have been females present in the films before, but none of them have been front and center with an alien zapper. MacDonald also explained that they’re looking at the first three movies as a true trilogy, with this fourth installment going in a new direction, female agent in the lead included. She said that while Smith probably won’t return, we should “never count Will out” for some kind of involvement.

Right now though, as long as we’re counting some ladies in, we’re fine. Sing, here comes the woman in black, galaxy defender…

(Image via Columbia Pictures.)