We can’t believe these men’s dating advice books actually exist

Everyone has different ideas about what constitutes good dating advice. Many would recommend starting out slowly and gradually building up trust and companionship through mutual respect. Some, like me, would advise that you DVR a TV show you both love and test the waters by seeing if the other person watches it without you (spoiler: If he/she does, it ain’t gonna work). And some people advise that being all kinds of sexist will work in your favor.

Yep, you heard that right. Because this week in “Um, I thought this was 2015” news, BuzzFeed asked a few people to check out some books on dating advice for men and give their opinions. What they found was not only wildly sexist, but hilariously so—like, way past the point of subtlety all the way to the point of us wanting to bang our usually patient heads against our desks for an indefinite amount of time.

In one book, The Shy Guy’s Guide to Dating​​, there’s a section called “Hunting the Easy Prey.” Let’s play a game called, “Which Word in that Sentence Isn’t Gross and Offensive?” If you guessed “the,” you’d be correct. Oh and it only gets worse from there. Luckily the guys who are reviewing this section don’t agree with its author. Another literary treasure titled Forever Alone Guy to Ladies Man (I can’t make this up) includes a section called “The True Ladies Man Bill of Rights.” I won’t go into major details because it makes my head hurt, but just know that the phrase “pimping skills” is used a lot.

Both the guys and the ladies reviewing these so-called “books” agree that they’re complete garbage. One of the women says the author of The Shy Guy’s Guide to Dating should be thrown in jail for perpetuating sexual assault after he encourages the aforementioned idea that a “no” sometimes will turn into a “yes” (SO MUCH NO) while another woman summarizes what we’re all thinking when she’s like, BRB MOVING TO SPACE.

At the end of the video, our awesome reviewers give their own dating advice, and we hope those dating authors are paying attention. “Treat dating like you’re looking for a new friend,” explains one male reviewer. “Because ultimately, your significant other is going to be your best friend.” Ding ding ding! No sexism needed.

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