This powerful video shows men reading real comments about female sports reporters

Although the internet can be a wonderful place, it can also be one filled with hatred and vitriol  — especially for women. That’s exactly why podcast Just Not Sports created this video to shed light on the harassment women in sports have to face online every single day.

As part of the podcast’s #MoreThanMean campaign, the video features men reading real comments that were made about sports reporters Sarah Spain and Julie DiCaro, Mean Tweets-style. At first, it’s kind of goofy, with insults being thrown like “scrubmuffin.”


However, just 30 seconds in, the goofiness quickly fades when the comments become nasty. Sarah and Julie are called every cruel name in the book, with death wishes and rape threats leaving the men absolutely speechless and almost unable to continue reading.


“I’m having trouble looking at you when I’m saying these things,” one of the men told Sarah, before reading a particularly venomous comment.

Although Sarah and Julie had seen these comments before, it’s heartbreaking to watch their reactions as they heard the stinging words said out loud.


Some comments are mean. But other comments are much, much more than just mean. They’re harassment, plain and simple, and it’s time we start recognizing them as such.

***Trigger warning: The following video contains strong language and contains disturbing elements about rape and murder.***

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