Men At Work: Men Try Simulated Labor Pains

I’ve never been pregnant, and I never plan to be pregnant, though I do get a small sense of what labor pains feel like when Mr. Tophat comes to town. (Mr. Tophat is what I call my period. I don’t know why. Feel free to use it, it’s too stupid NOT to share!) Men, however, do not get to feel this experience.  Enter Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno of the Dutch television show Guinea Pigs, who thought, “Hey, let’s take one for the team and see what it feels like to have a small human tear through our insides, like a badger in a tent.” They didn’t actually say this. I’m hoping they did. It’s very unlikely however that they did.

For two hours, crazy ole Dennis ‘n’ Valerio had electrodes strapped to their body in an experiment to see what labor really feels like. They started out strong.

And then not so strong.

And then one of them gave up.

Those who have given birth, tell us, what did it feel like? Can you compare it to anything else?

Images via Plotek.lp. Screencaps taken via YouTube.

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