This story about Caitlyn Jenner is hurting our hearts

Caitlyn Jenner has had a pretty amazing journey. She went from world famous Olympian, to one of the most famous reality husbands on the planet, to bravely letting the world see who she really had been all along: Caitlyn.

And while we’re so happy that Caitlyn is finally able to be her truest self, we’re even happier after reading excerpts from Linda Thompson’s recent memoir, A Little Thing Called Life. Thompson was Jenner’s second wife, and the couple struggled to come to terms with Jenner’s identity together.

“Bruce told me he was considering traveling out of the country, possibly to Denmark, to try to have the gender reassignment surgery anonymously and then come back as a female,” Thompson recalled.

She went on to say that Bruce considered reentering his children’s lives as a female relative.

“He was grasping for a lifeline. […] My heart bled for Bruce.”

Basically, Caitlyn knew the person she desperately wanted to be, but didn’t know how to get there while staying close to the people she loved. We can’t even imagine how scary and lonely she must have felt.

It’s stories and memories like this that make us so incredibly happy to know that Caitlyn was ultimately able to be who she really is, and do it with friends and family by her side.

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