You’re going to want to memorize this Chris Pratt speech to get you out of bed in the morning

It’s a worrisome time to live in the United States of America. Or, you know, on Planet Earth, for that matter.  Because, you know, every day it seems like there’s ten scary new headlines to go on top of the other hundred scary headlines we’re all freaking out about. Lucky for us, our beloved Chris Pratt just posted a heckuva inspirational speech to Instagram. So get fired up right now!!

Yesterday, after getting back back from a long day on set, Chris Pratt sat us down and gave us the talking-to we all needed on Instagram.

He explained that it was midnight when he got home. Also,  in six hours he has to do it all over again. Pratt acknowledged that he missed his wife and son.  And that his elbow hurt from doing stunt stuff. Also, naturally, he is freaking out a little bit about all the pressure.

But is Chris Pratt letting all these setbacks weigh him down? Absolutely not! As he puts it:

"But here's what's also true. We're killing it. KILLING IT! And the freakin sky is falling. But I'm doing what most of you are doing. Waking up to an alarm a little earlier than I'd like. Rolling my ass out of bed. Taking a big deep breath and moving forward."

Is it just us or do you seriously feel like listening to “Eye of the Tiger” while running up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art? Because this is some serious Rocky stuff Pratt is throwing down here.

Because Christ Pratt is the flipping best, he just keeps the sheer inspiration coming:

I got a ton of choices to make tomorrow. Am I going to smile at the first person I see? Fuck yes. Am I gonna light up the room? God damn right. Am I gonna let someone extinguish the light in me? Not a chance in hell. Sorry world. I'm coming. Guns blazing.

So go ahead and check out the full speech below.

Thanks for the pep talk, Chris Pratt. We really needed it.