Just the Best Reality-Show Freak Outs Of All Time

Is there anything better than love-hate watching reality shows? Especially when you’ve had a particularly rough day, and want to numb your mind by watching others have—seemingly—an entirely worse and more dramatic day than you.

Enter, the reality show freak out.

A few weeks ago, Gordon Ramsay (the king of the freak out) announced that he was hanging up his apron with Kitchen Nightmares. “As filming comes to a close on the latest series of Kitchen Nightmares, I’ve decided to stop making the show,” he announced through his website. “I’ve had a phenomenal 10 years making 123 episodes, 12 seasons shot across 2 continents, watched by tens of millions of people and sold to over 150 countries. It’s been a blast but it’s time to call it a day.”

In honor of Kitchen Nightmares wrapping up soon, here are a few of our favorite reality show freak-outs throughout time. (And yes, Ramsay is on this list twice.)

1. Brandon Hantz Destroys The Rice On Survivor

Despite a shaky first season, Brandon Hantz was invited back on the show for an All-Star season. Brandon is related to the almighty Survivor-enemy Russell Hantz, and he didn’t do the Hantz name much justice after he threw out his tribe’s food. And on a show like Survivor, there isn’t much food around to throw out in the first place.

2. Kitchen Nightmares: Gordon Sticks Up For His Chef

This is actually a solid moment for the chef, who is usually the first to exclaim food is terrible, under-cooked, and tastes like a diaper. After all—if you’ve seen clips of his run-in with Amy’s Baking Company in the past—he’s quite fond of pointing out the faults of the restaurants he’s aiming to save. For Ramsay to side with the chef over the customer is as rare as a spotting Yeti.

In this clip, Gordon actually calls a customer “an old bag” after she thinks her steak is cooked terribly.

3. Tyra Banks Screams At Tiffany on America’s Next Top Model

When Tiffany was voted out of Cycle 4, Tyra didn’t like the way she handled it—which was, calmly and cordially. (I guess every girl is supposed to burst into tears?) Perhaps

Tyra has never in her TV life yelled at a girl like this, which teaches an important lesson: Girls, never grieve improperly in front of Tyra Banks.

4. Joseph Mouths Off To Ramsay on Hell’s Kitchen

Typically on Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon freaks out on the chefs over raw chicken, or poorly cooked risotto. On Season 6, Joseph decided to start a fight for no reason at all outside of the kitchen. After Ramsay asked him who’d be nominated for elimination from his team, Joseph made a scene (even though he wasn’t even in the running to go home that night). Listen, you guys: You just don’t disrespect Gordon Ramsay!

5. Pumkin v. New York on Flavor of Love

Okay, I admit it. I watched this show. I was rooting for Pumkin the entire time, and was shocked at the finale when she was voted out, and spit on fellow contestant New York (who later scored her own TV show). The show cost Pumkin—whose real name is Brooke Thompson—her substitute teacher job, though she went on to star in more reality shows.

6. Jen Johnson Cries Over Her Picture on Big Brother 8

It was only the second day when the tears began to flow in the Big Brother house. Jen was so disgusted by how she looked in her picture (which served merely as a wall decoration) that she cried about it during a confessional. Listen, Jen, we all take bad pictures. But I’ve been in your place throughout many school picture days of the past, and realize that the stress of being in a new situation might have been hitting you hard during filming.

7. Limo Problems on Bridezillas

Future brides, please treat yourself to a few episodes of Bridezillas and remind yourself to always, always be kind. And that, no matter what, mistakes will happen, but you should still treat your vendors like people. A positive attitude is the most important planning tool if you want to have a beautiful wedding day.

Molly’s limo freakout was one of the absolute worst meltdowns on the show thus far. Her limo wasn’t ready when she was told (which was still way before her wedding date), and she pretty much ruined the lives of everyone around her. For a limo.

8. Jon Breaks Up A Staff Fight on Bar Rescue

Let me put this out there: I love Jon Taffer. Jon Taffer is one of the greatest TV hosts that SpikeTV ever could have gotten, and every episode of Bar Rescue is pure gold. It’s a guilty pleasure, what can I say?

It was tough to pick just one Taffer freakout, but the episode where he pulled a drunken bar manager out of a fight in the bar parking lot is definitely a moment to remember. “Why am I screaming and you’re not?” he asks the owner. Good question.

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