15 memes you need to share with your BFF right now

Some say social media isolates people from each other, but they clearly haven’t met BFFs who send each other a ton of memes. Because those friendships? They’re the strongest of all (in our humble opinion).

Whether you’re tagging your bestie in a meme that *perfectly* captures the crazy time you had together last night, or sending her one that’ll make her say “aww, I love you, girl!” you’re going to want to share all of the memes below with your BFF. We guarantee they’ll have you saying, “That’s so us!” in no time.

1When not even death can part you.


2When dragging each other is an essential part your friendship.

3When words aren’t enough to express your love for your bestie.


4When your BFF is having a bad day.

5When you wake up and realize last night was a hot mess (but also amazing).


6When someone needs to back up off your bestie.

7When your BFF > everything


8When you’re soooo on the same page as your BFF.

9When you decide to say “eff it” and go hard together.


10When your BFF is fighting with bae.


11When your BFF has the good goss.

12When the power of a common enemy unites you.


13When your BFF is your ride-or-die.


14When your bestie knows what really matters in life.

15And of course, when you know your friendship is real.

Now starting tagging your #BFFL so she knows you ~truly~ love her.