This melting Barbie makeup tutorial is the stuff of nightmares

Barbie is such a classic, quick Halloween costume: grab a pink dress, bleach blonde wig, and a Ken counterpart, and you’re basically her. Many of the beauty gurus of YouTube have makeup tutorials that show how to get Barbie’s big doll lashes and shiny pout, so there’s always the option of taking the ensemble up a notch. You could add a stethoscope, or space helmet, or veterinarian’s license to transform into one of Barbie’s more career-oriented alter egos.

Or, you could melt your own face off.

At least, that’s the idea behind Swedish YouTuber ellimacs sfx makeup’s “Melting Barbie Halloween Tutorial.” This special fx artist’s version of Barbie never made it to medical school – she clearly had an owner who was going through an experimental pyrotechnics phase. Even if you watch each step of the tutorial and know exactly how the look is created, seeing the finished product still makes the room smell a little like burnt plastic. Yikes!

If you’re interested in terrifying all your friends – and bringing up some serious guilt about torturing your dolls when you were a kid – this horror look only requires household products. It’s totally gross, but totally doable.

First, do regular glam makeup. Don’t worry about getting it perfect, because half of your face is going to end up melting off.

To create melting plastic, mix milk, gelatin, and mineral foundation. Then, you know, paint that goop on your moneymaker.

Elli added black and blue spots where Barbie’s eyes used to be, and trickled some bubble gum pink at the corner of the model’s lips. She also tied black string at her shoulders and elbows to look like hinges. Definitely nightmare material.

Funny enough, this might be the tamest tutorial on ellimacs sfx makeup’s channel. The self-taught artist mostly creates gory, rated-R zombie movie kind of looks — super terrifying. Check it out at your own risk.

(Images via Youtube)