Get a supernova glow with Melt Cosmetics’ new shade from their Digital Dust highlighter collection

We have been practically swatting away all the young adoring princes and princesses since discovering the fairy tale magic of the Melt Cosmetics Digital Dust Highlight collection, and how much it makes us look like the worldlier, less gender-oppressed Disney princesses we’ve always wished to see in the world.

So far, the shades of Melt Cosmetics Digital Dust highlighters have provided the vegan and cruelty-free glitter and gold we’ve been secretly desiring. The shades we’ve seen thus far have names such as Stargazer and Gold Ore, which properly describe their milky way qualities.

Finally, after waiting in suspense, Melt Cosmetics has revealed the final shade in their Digital Dust Highlight collection: Nova.

It does look like the sun-death aftermath of a supernova, except with gold debris we want to apply to our cheeks.

The full collection will be available later this month, but we’re still unsure of the exact launch date!

We imagine the launch of this collection will be purveyed by beauty junkies with an awe parallel to a rocket launch.

Of course, actually going to space is a bigger deal than highlighter that looks like space. But we can appreciate both.

Now we can apply highlighter that makes us look like the very star-stuff we came from.

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