Melt Cosmetics is celebrating its birthday with an epic sale, and here are eight items to grab

Today marks the fourth birthday of the indie makeup brand Melt Cosmetics, and they are celebrating by spreading precious (and an advantageous) gift of a makeup sale. This is the type of celebration we can selfishly get behind, despite the fact that it’ll drive us further into debt.

As with most birthday celebrations, the Melt Cosmetics birthday sale will only be happening today, so you’ll want to grab up any sale items before midnight, PST.

Some of the birthday steals available include 40% off lipsticks, 20% off shadows and single stacks, and the digital dust highlighter collection for just $100!

If you’re suffering from decision fatigue, we’ve got your back. We rounded up a few of the sale items we think are the cat’s pajamas.

1The Love Sick Stack from Melt Cosmetics, $38.40 (was $48)

2The Digital Dust Highlights from Melt Cosmetics, $100 (was $117)

3The Lewd Iridescent Lipstick from Melt Cosmetics, $11.40 (was $19)

4The Rust Stack from Melt Cosmetics, $46.40 (was $58)

5The Gun Metal Stack from Melt Cosmetics, $38.40 (was $48)

6The Catsuit Lipstick from Melt Cosmetics, $11.40 (was $19)

7The Nood Lipstick from Melt Cosmetics, $11.40 (was $19)

8The Promiscuous Iridescent Eyeshadow from Melt Cosmetics, $13.60 (was $17)

Remember, all of these will be returning to their regular sale price by midnight, so grab them on sale while you can!

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