We’re so ready for the Lifetime ‘Melrose Place’ movie

Just like Saved by the Bell, Full House and Beverly Hills, 90210, before it, Lifetime has just greenlit a Melrose Place unauthorized behind-the-scenes movie. Because there is nothing we’re clamoring for more right now than ANYTHING that reminds us of the ’90s. (For instance, I’m wearing peace sign hoop earrings as I type this.)

If the other movies and cast photos are any indication, this will be a ridiculous view of maybe completely untrue things that happened behind-the-scenes on Melrose Place.

The show originally ran from 1992-1999 and focused on a group of 20-somethings in Los Angeles at an apartment complex all 20-somethings now want to replicate when they move to Los Angeles. The best parts of Melrose Place are of course going to be when Heather Locklear joined the cast and just whoever they get to play Courtney Thorne-Smith. Love her.

The Melrose Place re-boot didn’t do nearly as well as the new 90210 but here’s hoping the Lifetime version kicks butt.

(Images via Fox)

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